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Instagram – Where Is Current Public Reshares Happens?

Public Reshares is a tool that shows you how many times a public photo or video has been shared and allows you to track how an account's reach evolves." The following details will tell you where Instagram users are currently sharing their posts on the Internet and details what it is and how it works. It will also explain why this tool is essential for the online community and provide some insight into its significance.

Public Reshares by Instagram in 2015 it's a tool that allows users to see how other people are receiving their posts. It shows you multiple times your post has been liked, commented on, or shared, allowing you to see the real-time effectiveness of your posts. You might wonder Where is current public reshares on Instagram; it first goes through the Instagram algorithm before publishing and later when someone shares it.

What Is Instagram Public Reshares?

The public reshares feature allows users to see how and in which ways their posts are being received. It's better known as the crowd-sourced word-of-mouth tool and will enable users to know the discoverability of their posts on Instagram at a specific time. For example, you can set a date and time when you want to search your feeds on Instagram while using this tool on your phone app. In addition, it will allow you to see who saw your posts during the time you searched.

This tool can help measure how many people find your post, how far and wide it spreads, and when your most engaged followers are online. Through this feature, you can easily observe any spikes or drops in follower activity to understand better when and why your audience is engaging with your content at a specific time.

Instagram Public Reshares has a visible measurement of who's sharing your posts and when. This tool provides statistics that tell you how often your posts have been reshared, who's doing it, and most importantly, why. You can also consider to learn more about Instagram and other related aspects. is a website that delivers high-quality and affordable educational books to children in need. With one click, an option will show up on your desktop asking you if you would like to donate some money or purchase these books for the kids at We believe that children should get the best education possible for their age.

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How Does This Tool Work Exactly?

The Public Reshares are more than just numbers on a screen; they allow the user to see how their posts are being shared on different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. It is also a means by which users can share their posts to multiple social media channels. By sharing a link to your Instagram post somewhere else, that reshares count will be added to your public reshares number.

It's a tool that allows the user to see the reach of their posts, even on external sites. The post's space will be displayed on Instagram and will also be available to view other apps such as Facebook and Twitter. It lets you know how engaging your content was by seeing how far it has spread.

The source of data for Where is current public reshares on Instagram is Instagram itself, where this information comes from within the app itself. They're not just random numbers that are pulled from the ether. For example, if you've posted photos to or, no public reshares will be visible because the data is coming from that website itself and not from Instagram's database of posts.

How To See Public Reshares on Instagram?

The first step you can choose is to follow your favorite Instagram accounts or friends that post on your feed. After following the account, you will see that your profile name appears on their post. Clicking it will take you to a page that shows the public reshares count.

The Instagram link will then be visible in your browser's navigation and at the bottom of this page. If you click on these links and go back to your feed, a reshare will be seen on one of your posts. It lets followers know what content is available to them without looking for it themselves. If you like their content, you can go back to the page and reshare it.

The public reshares tool is a helpful feature that allows people to quickly find the content they want by discovering what's trending in their feed. It's also an excellent way for users to see how far your posts are spreading across different channels on the Internet. This tool might be helpful for social media marketers and business owners looking for ways to track exposure, the spread of reach, and audience engagement with their content.

How To Use Instagram Public Reshares?

The first aspect you should do is type in your username on the Instagram platform. In most cases, it will be used by the main profile of your account. You can also type in another person's name or the name of a specific Instagram account here to see how many times they've reshared your post or how many of their followers have done so.

You can also search for accounts on which you want to see public reshares. All you have to do is type in the name of that account, and you can see how often they've reshared posts. You can also click the name of that account or username to go to their page.

You will also notice a list of shared posts at the top of the page. Click on any public reshares number from this list, and it will take you directly to the post on Instagram where it can be found. You can also click on any numbers to see the post that those people have reshared.

You can now search for the posts you have followed in your profile, and you will be able to see that particular post among all their public reshares. Furthermore, you will be able to see how many times it has been shared and on which channel it has been shared.

There are various ways to choose a particular private account that you want to see public reshares on and then click on the number for it. You can use this tool for your Instagram stream and your follower's feed.

It is a fantastic tool you must use at least once on your Instagram account. It will allow you to see just how many people are impacted by the content you share and where it has spread across different sites. This way, you know where to focus your efforts on content creation, promotion, and marketing.

Is Public Reshares Useful?

Public reshares are here to stay, and they will continue to be a valuable tool for businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to see how far their content has spread. While it can seem challenging at first, you'll be able to use this Instagram Public Reshares Tool effectively after reading through this guide.

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The Internet has done many brilliant things for us, but finding love is not so great. That's why you've probably heard about online dating. But unfortunately, when it comes to finding a partner, the Internet isn't what you need anymore; you still have to leave the house and interact with other people in real life.

You've read the guide at cheapest smm panel india to help you understand how the Instagram public reshares works and how it's essential for you to use it. You can see that the tool is of great use when you consider that not only will you be able to know what your content is doing but also where it is spreading to. It's an excellent tool for business owners and entrepreneurs to increase their exposure and view their social media analytics more efficiently. Make sure you stay focused and grab proper understanding if you don't want to get into a doubtful situation. 

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ISO Post On Facebook – What Is It All About?

If you're not sure what an ISO post on Facebook is, let's start with the basics. An ISO post is a status update that can be used to share photos and videos at a particular location or event to get people involved in experiencing it firsthand. You might be wondering, What is an post on Facebook? These posts usually happen at social media smm panel events or gatherings like conferences, protests, rallies, and marches.

Facebook, Twitter, and any social media platform allow you to share photos and videos on their sites. It makes it possible to share your experiences. But who wants to see vacation photos all the time? Everyone loves to go on adventures and experience new things. As humans, we love to see the world through other people's eyes. So it goes online as well. It's like a window into the experiences of others.

Because it's impossible to attend every single event happening in the world, try to attend an ISO post at least once a year so that you can see and experience things you wouldn't usually have access to. In addition, it can give you a new perspective on what is happening in your community and worldwide.

How to Get Better ISO Posts on Facebook?

If you love photography, then ISO posts are lovely. They allow you to learn and grow as a photographer. Try to improve your ISO posts by learning at least one new skill every year. For example, try taking some portrait shots or multiple exposures on the same photo. Just try to push yourself every time to get better with time. If posting is not something you do regularly, consider using it to practice your skills and see what happens.

Also, don't forget to use hashtags. They are the best way to get people involved in your post and spread the word about your incredible location. Facebook ISOs usually take some time to develop, and they require work on your part. But, if you commit to it, you will have a beneficial aspect of social media. You can also consider getting better ISO posts on Facebook from

Bulkmedya is a website where people can upload images, videos, and text for others to download for free. We are a form of crowdsourcing, getting information from many people who are not paid for their work. People who want to contribute to this site can sign up or log in with a social media account like Facebook or Google+. Our main goal is to create a free and open culture where individuals can create, share and download information anywhere.

What Are the Benefits of ISO Posts on Facebook?

If you are curious to know what is an iso post on Facebook, you must also be aware that these posts can benefit your business and the world. People will see your post and might choose to come to visit your business or event. It results in more exposure for your business or organization. Here are some of the best ones:

·         Networking – It's a great way to connect with others and get exposure so that you can secure deals and job opportunities from them.

·         Greater Visibility – It's a great way to show what your business or organization is all about. If you own a restaurant, then share some great food images with people or if you're a clothing store, then share your fashion sense and latest designs with others.

·         Equals More Sales – What's the point of creating an ISO post on Facebook if no one sees it? The more views that you get, the better. It's a great way to promote your products and build sales relationships.

·         Branding – Your brand name becomes well known throughout different communities, and people will notice it.

·         Awareness – Sometimes, people need to see something to believe it. So, this is a great way to show the world what you're about and start a conversation about it.

·         Publicity – The more people exposed to your post, the more likely they will talk about it with their friends and family.

So, it all depends upon you how you use ISO Posts on Facebook, but if you use Facebook to its fullest, it will be easy for you to understand better and experience great posts.

How to Create an ISO Post?

Want to create a great ISO post on Facebook for your friends and family, and the world to see? Here are some significant steps that you must follow:

1.      Create your account on Facebook, which is free. You can also log in with the help of a social media account like Google+. It's important to get signed up with an account so that you can share content and interact with people.

2.      Upload images and videos that show your business at work. If you run a clothing store, then share pictures of your fashions, or if you have a restaurant, share photos of your food.

3.      Try to get people involved in the experience by including hashtags in the post. For example, if you post about a fashion event or sale, try using hashtags like #fashionista #fashion #beautiful #love.

4.      Share social media posts with people who look like they're from the place you are posting about. When posting, try to keep it relevant to the location.

5.      Try to get people involved by sharing stories about your experiences and make them feel special by getting them involved in the background too. Make sure that you include a call-to-action. People will respond if you ask them to comment on your post or share it with their friends and followers.

6.      Follow ISO post accounts if you like to get updates and photos from people in your area. You might be shocked by the number of people sharing pictures of their businesses and events that you didn't know about.

The best way to get better ISO posts on Facebook is by visiting the site and signing up for an account. You can also follow ISO accounts on Facebook if you aren't very familiar with them but want to learn more.

Things to Remember while Posting on Facebook

1.      Do not post images that you have already published on your website. For example, if you create an account on Facebook and print a picture there, it will become public.

2.      If you want to post an outdoor event, then include the date and time of the event and a description of what's happening and where it's taking place.

3.      Try to keep your ISO posts between 150-300 words in length; the shorter posts better engage people or get them excited about your business or organization.

4.      According to SEO expert Joe Shirk, Facebook disallows people from posting too many images and links. So it would help if you tried to post at least one 1-to two pictures a week. Also, try to keep the text in your posts relevant, high-quality and informative.

5.      If you post links to other websites or log-in details, make sure it's not publicly accessible.

6.      Keep your ISO post friendly by avoiding rude comments and negative language.

7.      You can easily tag people in your post to get them involved. Just make sure that you order them in a subtle way that won't make the post feel spammy.

8.      If you want more shares, then be sure to keep your ISO posts short, sweet and relevant to current topics and events.

9.      Always provide a direct call to action so that people know what you want them to do after reading or viewing your ISO post on Facebook.

ISO Posts for Business: Best Tips

Here are some brilliant tips that you can follow to understand ISO Posts on Facebook better. Don't miss them:

·        When you are thinking about posting on Facebook, always remember that it can be a great way to get more people involved in the experience by including hashtags in the post. For example, if you post about a fashion event or sale, try using hashtags like # fashionista #fashion # beautiful #love.

·        If you are posting images, try to include information and a call to action at the end of the post.

·        If you are running a small business and want to get more exposure and build your sales relationships, share your business on Facebook. Don't forget to use the right hashtags too.

·        When you want to share an article with people, try using an image and a link to the report. It will make it easy for people to understand the composition.

·        When you want to invite people to an event, then make sure that you include everything about the event. For example, details about the place, date, and time need to be included so that everyone knows how much time they have to respond.

It's essential to have a great understanding of creating an ISO post on Facebook. You can get more exposure for your business and build your brand on it by using social media like Facebook. By following tips, you can successfully create great ISO posts that will be visible worldwide.


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Facebook - What Does The Little Clock Means On Post?

Facebook is a widely famous social media platform that helps people have unlimited entertainment. In addition, such a social media handle provides people with ease of communicating with other people from all over the world through video calls, texting, etc. 


However, such a platform allows its users to post pictures, videos, and timelines. The reason behind offering the people this many facilities and features is to help them have endless joy. Any person can straightforwardly and efficiently post online on their timeline of social media handles without seeking others' help. 


On the contrary, when a person posts something on Facebook, then a little clock appears on the side of his post. Most of the people from all over the world think, What does the little clock mean on Facebook post? Then it refers to the type of symbol that denotes the timing of the post. Such a symbol shows that the video/picture is posted within 24 hours. The clock icon appeared just above the post and higher on the news feed than the older posts. 


Latest updates: -


The little clock that appeared on the newest post of the social media handle is Facebook benefits the people or users a lot in many different ways. As such icon helps the users in staying up to date about the latest activity of the posts related to their timeline or their friend's timeline. 


One of the fantastic facts about such a clock icon is that it can be shown to any person, i.e., the user's friends on Facebook. Due to the visibility of such an icon, people can quickly and straightforwardly find out the latest feed on their friend's timeline. No doubt, this is the best option for staying known to the timeline updates. Such a little clock appears when the users post something within the last 24 hours. 


Post icon: -


We know that Facebook is the only best smm panel in india platform that offers millions of people ease of having the unlimited joy of happiness and a way to relives stress. Similarly, it also provides its users easy accessibility to various features, options, and the latest updates. Likewise, it displays the users or people the post icon. 


The reason for providing the people visibility of post icons is to help them stay aware of the various aspects of that specific post. Such an icon occurred in the top-left corner of Facebook. Also, it is a small square icon that is primarily used for post updates, photos, and many more things related to the timeline. 


Timing of posts: -


There are billions of Facebook users present from all over the world who loves to post new videos, pictures, and so on to their social media timeline. But mostly, people wonder What does the little clock mean on Facebook post? So the solution of their query related to that specific icon is that it helps the users or people know the updates of the news feed.


It showcased the actual timing of the post when a user posted it. No doubt, because of the little clock icon, it becomes efficient and straightforward for the users to know the timing of posted content. The foremost motive of the Facebook platform is to offer its users the best online social media experience than the other platforms. So considering the users as a priority, Facebook offers the users this facility. 


3 person icon: -


Facebook is the only social media handle that provides its users completely convenient and straightforward access to its unique features and functions. In addition, it also provides the people or users with various types of icons that help the users in different ways and mean different. Likewise, the three-person symbol of the Facebook social media platform mainly stands for group chats.


 Such a symbol denotes the group chats; in other words, by clicking on such a symbol, people can quickly and straightforwardly start chatting with more than one friend. Such social media platform doesn't bind the people to stringent rules and regulations. Even due to the availability of such symbols, it becomes efficient for people to use such a platform. 


Newsfeed icon: -


The Facebook platform provides its users or people with various features, functions, and symbols. Each symbol of such social media platform denotes the different measures. Some symbols are meant for the group chat, while others are indicated in the post icons. Similarly, the newsfeed of the Facebook platform has its symbol. 


Likewise, the newsfeed symbol is a small blue square with a white color 'f 'in the middle. The newsfeed mainly works to provide the people latest updates on posts that their families and friends posted. It is the first symbol that the users see when they sign in to Facebook. 


Bookmark icon: -


While suffering the social media platform, most people find out something they want to watch later or want to do something related to that specific post. So such a situation, there is a special symbol that is primarily introduced for such a thing, and that is a bookmark. The bookmark stands for saving the post to the saved items of the Facebook users. 


We know that each symbol of such a platform has a different meaning. Due to such a symbol, it becomes efficient for people to save the item. However, Bulkmedya is the company that helps Facebook users in having likes and a good algorithm. Because of such a renowned company, it becomes efficient for people to access such a platform and have fun with it. The best thing about it is that it provides the people with ease in almost everything. 


Box with an X icon: -


Sometimes, most people, or we can say Facebook users, want to hide the post they posted on their timeline for any reason. So for the people, there is a special symbol that can help them hide their posts from the timeline. Thus the logo or the icon helps the people save their posted content hidden from their friends, families, and the people who are added with them. 


Such an icon becomes efficient and straightforward for thousands of Facebook users to keep their data save or hidden from the people. The only thing users need to do to hide their post is click on that specific icon. By clicking on the option, the users can quickly secure their posts from others. 


Globe icon: -


We know that Facebook is the platform through which thousands of people can efficiently and straightforwardly post pictures, videos, and so on to their profiles. Similarly, while posting anything on such a platform, the users came to see the icon of a tiny globe. The globe icon means the privacy of the post.


 By clicking on such an icon, the users came to see various options like friends, only me, globally, etc. Then, the people have to select one of the options that are occurred on their screen. The reason behind providing the people with this facility is to help them keep their privacy secure and safe. In contrast, posting something, the people just have to select an option so that the post can be posted according to it.


TV icon: -


There are many different types of icons available on Facebook, which are occurred to the user's screen appropriately and in proper sequence. One of the icons such a platform offers the people is a TV icon. The TV icon mainly refers to the feature through which Facebook users can watch the video of people from all over the world.


 Such type of icon primary stands for the video content that the people created to gain global popularity. This is an option through which a user can efficiently watch the various videos in a shortcut by clicking on it. Because of the TV icon, it becomes convenient for people to see the new and trendy videos. 


Bell icon: -


One of the most outstanding features the Facebook platform offers to its users is that it provides them with the latest updates within a nano-second. As such platform displays the user's bell icon, such a symbol primary denotes the latest updates and notifications. 


Through such icons, the users can efficiently and simply know the notifications related to the posts, pictures, or activities. Due to such an icon, it becomes simple for people to understand the updates of their social media handles without any kind of problem or time delay. By clicking on such an icon, anyone, the users, can watch the notifications and can step up according to them.




Thus, lastly, the Facebook platform provides people with many benefits and is the most straightforward platform. Likewise, it showcases the people's various types of functions and options. It also displays many multiple types of icons that help people to have access to the multiple features and functions. The only thing users have to do is click on that specific symbol. Each icon or symbol denotes a different aspect of Facebook, providing the user ease of access. 


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When You Copy Profile Link On Instagram, Does It Notify You?

When You Copy Profile Link On Instagram, Does It Notify You?

Do you follow more than one person on Instagram? If anything happens, you probably wonder who 'copied' your profile name and why. Does Instagram notify you when you copy the profile link? Unfortunately, not. If the account has many followers, cheapest panel could help anyone who visits your profile to copy the URL.

But don't worry. Here are a few quick and easy steps to ensure no one is copying your Instagram handle soon. Many people use this social media app because it helps them improve their fan following and helps them run a profitable business, if they have any. Check out the following guide for more detailed information about the best way to protect your Instagram account.

Various Steps –

Set up your Profile

Use encryption on your Instagram handle. Go to and click 'Agree' for the Terms & Conditions and then choose 'encrypt my profile' if you'd like to upload photos from your desktop computer or 'encrypt my profile from a mobile device' in case you want to do so from a mobile device. You will be asked to log into your account, so do it, and then the process will begin.

Create Reposts

A great way to spread your profile info is by doing a bit of reposting. It helps people know about you, and it's worth keeping an eye on your list of reposts if someone takes photos similar to what you take on Instagram. Also, ensure that you're up to date with all the latest videos, users, and trends so that you're easily discovered on Instagram each day.

Always Check-Ins

Never miss out on checking in at places that you wish to visit. You can always see what other people are doing or saying about this location, and it's the best way to reconnect with previous friends and even find new ones.

Blocking Problem

You can easily block the person who copies your profile name on Instagram. Go to their main profile page and click the silhouette picture on your screen. You'll be able to see a photo of the user and their username. If it's challenging to find that person, you can also try using 'find Friends' from the profile page.

Tips for Protecting Instagram –

If you take precautions to protect your account and your content, you won't have any problems. You can consider as we provide free medical articles and multimedia to help you get the correct information faster to make evidence-based decisions about your health. In addition, Bulkmedya is a unique way to bring live medical expert interviews with experts in various fields. These experts can answer questions on how their specialty relates to your question, and they can also educate you on other topics related to their field. Here are some tips that will make it easy for other people not to get access to your account information or content: 

1.    When you create an account, make sure to use a real name, and it is unique. This is because people who want to steal your information might be able to figure out your name, leading them to the account URL.

2.    Never use the same password for other websites as you would on Instagram. And never leave it posted on a public forum or social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

3.    Always verify new email accounts. This way, you'll also establish a second identity and ensure that the account is secure.

4.    If you want to talk about reposting your account on Instagram, make sure you're legal about doing it. You can only do this if other people are helping you, and it's not against the terms of service or policies of Instagram or any other website or social networking site where you post comments or photos.

5.    Always post only images and never videos on Instagram.

6.    Learn who your friends and followers are and what they're saying about you on other websites.

7.    Never talk bad about your friends or anyone else on Facebook or Twitter.

8.   Make sure that you're using a secure connection when using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others online. You can do this if you have a green lock icon on your screen when you go to these sites.

9.    When you upload photos, don't add tags that might be associated with other people's accounts. And don't use any username that might be related to a person or website.

10.  When posting photos, make sure to put a good description about it along with hashtags and your location for future reference.

11.  Always keep copies of your valuable information on you and a secure backup site online. Then, you can access it anytime if anything happens to your original data or account information online.

12.  Please don't call out of work to post pictures on Instagram or talk to friends to post them. It can easily be traced to you and might deactivate your account.

How to Copy Link on Instagram Safely?

You might wonder, Does Instagram notify you when you copy the profile link? Unfortunately, it is pretty challenging to find the right way to protect your Instagram account when someone else copies it. You can use some of the preventive measures mentioned above, but an Instagram password manager could be a more reliable way.

These tools are available for free on the internet and help create passwords that can be added to various websites. But before using any of these tools, ensure that you're doing it legally. Using an Instagram password manager does not mean abusing anyone's rights. To use the password manager, you have to follow the following steps:

1.    You will have to open an account on one of the supported sites that allows you to copy links from images. For instance, you will have to go to Pinterest or Instagram in this case.

2.    Once you are logged in to the website, click the camera icon that appears in the top-right corner of your screen.

3.    Select an image from your feed or post one on your profile and then copy the link of that image and paste it into the browser.

4.    Confirm that you want to save it by clicking 'Edit' located next to 'Copy Link.

5.    Once the tool is done saving the link for you, it will open a window that you can copy and paste into your already logged-in Instagram profile.

Tips on How to Protect Photos More Effectively

There are various ways in which you can protect your photos. The first step towards this is by ensuring that they are up-to-date with the latest trends and are highly secured on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here are the facts that you need to keep in mind to handle your photos with proper care:

1.    Make sure that you post photos for public consumption and make it clear about it. There should not be any hidden messages in them.

2.    Always use accurate hashtags when you post your pictures online on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook to be found easily by other users or people who look at your profile.

3.    Make sure that you include a title in your photo. It will help make it easy for someone to search for the image.

4.    The images should always be perfect and clear to be shared widely and quickly.

5.    It is also essential that you credit the people who took the photos, just like you do on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

6.    Make sure that you make all your photos public because private images do not get discovered easily and are sometimes meant for only their owners.

7.    When you post a link on Instagram, it does not include a photo or message. However, unlike Facebook, a connection with a photo or message is shared widely.

8.    On Instagram, you can only share a maximum of 15 images per day per account. It is to help in promoting your brand and business.

9.    You can follow a maximum of 20 people on Instagram and 2,000 on Facebook simultaneously. If you want to include more people in your following list, find the influential people in your industry and post their pictures on your page instead.

10.  Do not use Instagram filters too much because they can detract your image from its original one.

Instagram has become the most popular social networking site and has millions of users every day. It has also become a very profitable business. Many brands have started using Instagram as a marketing tool to promote their products and services. If you haven't started using Instagram for your business yet, it's time to get going before it becomes too late. Once you understand the above details, you can quickly significantly impact your knowledge and have a better Instagram usage experience with no risks involved. If you don't pay attention to the above details, you will face problems. Ensure that you will grab useful information about Instagram and have better experiences using this social media app.

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Want To See Your Facebook Marketplace Rating? Here's Something For You!

If you are a social media fan, you must be pretty active there. Users are proficient in exploring the variety of social media platforms, but nothing can compete with Facebook. It is the place where the users are competent in getting the ease of establishing a career, and you can explore numerous opportunities to run a business smoothly.

But before that, you need to be aware of the term Facebook marketplace. The Facebook marketplace was introduced to people in 2017; it is extremely helpful. There are plenty of different users present who have confidence in carrying out their sale transactions. If you want to sell a product efficiently and see how many people have recommended it, you need to prefer visiting the Facebook marketplace.

You probably must be wondering How to see your rating on the Facebook marketplace? Visit at social media panel it is easier than you think; with the help of such things, you will notice the seller's qualifications in the marketplace. The ratings play a vital role where the business owners are proficient in attracting more clients towards them. Read out the listed points to get to know some unheard aspects regarding it. Take a look: -

How to view the seller ratings on the Facebook marketplace?

In order to get this task done, you need to enter the marketplace, and then you need to opt for the variety of options present there. First, you need to view the variety of your publications of your products to clients.

Here the tiny details matter the most, including the presence to date, cost, and location. No matter if they are sold already or still available for the consumers. You have the great option of being able to delete the publications in the case where you don't want to reflect such things on your profile.

Now, users are served with access to the ratings that different users and buyers make. Here you can locate the list of the options present there and click on the commercial profile, and then you will see that the tag with the Facebook profile will be reflected automatically.

However, the users are proficient in getting the privacy option they are willing to configure. Therefore, if you need to use it, you can easily prefer the 'go to settings' options present there. Moreover, it is the place from where you can easily modify and enjoy the traits by selecting who can see your marketplace sales.

Therefore, with the help of such a service, you can go know How to see your rating on the Facebook marketplace. However, if you want to become successful with the help of social media platforms, you need to prefer investing in the services offered by bulkmedya.

Here we serve clients with phenomenal results and favorable outcomes regarding boosting their social media presence. This is because we are a renowned company and reliable enough to be trusted so clients can get the quick ways to reach their admired goals with the help of social media platforms.

How to see rations as the Facebook marketplace seller?

If you want to get the highest sales rating in your commercial profile, you need to carry out the more straightforward and simple process listed below. But it would be best if you remembered that it would be extremely helpful to be a recommendation in the marketplace.

The users need to the post that they have made previously, and then they need to mark it as sold. After that, you need to opt for the option; who did you sell the product to? After that, the buyers will receive the notification regarding the request, and then they will rate the quality accordingly.

Here are we are with another way to locate the seller's rating is present on the messenger chat of the buyer. Here, the users will get the chat that appears if there is some conversation done between client and seller.

It is an exquisite way of getting the perfect and possible visualization regarding ratting sellers. It is the place from where the buyers are competent in selecting the quality purchase services accordingly. If you are willing to get the money back, there is a more effortless option present. You need to opt for the reason and state why you rate the seller's services in such a manner.

Importance of considering marketplace sales rating: - 

The marketplace is indeed considered and used as the online commerce store where numerous buyers get the classified traits and great diffusion of games. With the help of such things, clients are proficient in traveling from various varieties and regions effortlessly.

When we consider the seller's point of view, the people need to know that it is highly convenient to highlight the importance of their profile. It is capable of generating the greatest and total reliability of the sales. So that the buyers will be able to agree and accept to carry out any type of transaction regarding the product willingly.

Here we can say that it is one of the most significant importance to notify that the client needs to perform the quality after contacting the seller. It gives them the experience they need along with prestige, and in return, people can easily experience the rising level of reliability to attract more buyers.

To share the feedback and help other people in the marketplace, the sellers are proficient in rating the buyers and other sellers they've interacted with. Here the clients need to know that the new and innovative 5-stary rating system has been introduced.

The feedback will be based on a 5-star rating system. It can help them improve how the ratings are working in the marketplace if you want to keep the ratings fair and genuine while preventing people from giving dishonest ratings but can hide the rating from that client.

With the help of such a thing, you will be able to get more clients and serve them a simple rating system so that they can prioritize getting selected over any other.

How to see your new seller rating?

If you are willing to see your new seller rating, you need to check your commerce profile. Here you are served with two different types of sections: the positive rating ones and the negative rating ones.

But you need to keep one thing in mind such a rating will be public. Besides that, if the seller rating is currently public, you can be easily covert the old rating into a 5 star score.

On the other hand, some sellers are willing to keep their ratings more private currently; such people need to change them to public. With this, you can easily understand the vital aspects, and the new ratings can help you be more private in the new system.

Users need to make sure that their seller ratings are public to get more clients, and the best thing is that they don't need to hustle a lot to attract more people. The ratings work wonders for the business owners as it enables them to get a better client base without hustling.


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How To See Who Has Followed You On Instagram Recently?

If you are an Instagram user, you are probably aware of numerous aspects that aren't clearly discussed. For example, the users might have noticed that the application usually displays the list of Instagram followers in chronological order. With this, you can get to know who has followed you and enables you to keep an eye on the oldest followers.

The users who have recently started following your account will be displayed on the top, and the old followers will be displayed on the lower rank. So it entirely depends on the time span of the follower as the old has got the least rank. Moreover, bulk smm is how to see recent followers on Instagram without any hassle.

Account-holders are enabled to go to the user's Instagram post comment or page so you can see the most recent followers there. You need to tap on their followers, listen and watch the chronological order like the oldest ones are displayed at the lower ranking, whereas the new ones are on top. Read out the listed aspects to know more regarding it.

Specifications regarding Instagram followers: -

In some cases, the recent followers might be placed at the end list, so you must always double-check. With the help of such a thing, you can get to know about the time span from how long a user has been following you.

Moreover, if you see someone's recent followers in the mobile application, then there are high chances that you can see the default list, but it isn't going to be in chronological order. Moreover, some people present who want to make money with Instagram are getting numerous career opportunities there.

But in order to get benefits from such changes, you need to have sufficient likes and followers. So if you want to get the fastest results regarding boosted likes on Instagram, you need to prefer investing in bulkmedya.

We bulkmedya are offering people a comfortable way of getting the admired outcomes as you are proficient in getting the reasonable price availability. A variety of packages shows that you can get your hands on the perfect package that can help you to get favorable results without any hassle.

Some people have tried the browser sessions to lose multiple followers in the selected pattern, and it has worked. Therefore, at the points listed below, we have given the targeted list of the followers present on the browser version.

Open up the Instagram on your browser

After that, you need to type the username on the search bar

Feel free to choose the account and quickly open the profile

Tap on the followers' button present right next to the following tab.


With the help of this, you can get the readily available followers list and get to know who has started following you recently.


The alternative ways to find out recent followers on Instagram: - 

Some alternative methods are also present where people can easily find out the most recent Instagram followers. Let's have a look here to understand more regarding it.

Snoopreport: If you are unaware of the tools that can help you get things quickly, you need to opt for snoopreport. It is one of the most excellent tools to help users track their recent activities efficiently. Here, people can get the ability to track the current activities of 100 different Instagram profiles.

The users are permitted to check on the posts that they have liked and the recent accounts that they can follow constant interaction and more. With the help of such things, you can quickly get to know the activities, and that's how to see recent followers on Instagram without any third-party help.

You are free to use the application accordingly as you don't need to uninstall it, neither you have to provide any of your Instagram profile information. With this, you will get the information that is readily available to you at the online services are there for you whenever you need it.

Followers tracker app: 

There are plenty of different applications present for the users on the play store or apple store. But they need to opt for the one that helps them easily track their friends and followers on Instagram. If you prefer installing other illegal applications, you need to share your Instagram account information.

With this, you might deal with internet scam issues and might not be able to get access to the database. So the experts are suggesting people avoid using illegal applications as the authorities of Instagram can block you from violating the terms and rules that Instagram itself defines.

KidsGuard Pro: 

If you are willing to keep an eye on the activities performed by children on social media, then we are here with the most satisfactory solution. You can prefer using the Kids Guard pro, which is considered the perfect shield for children.

It can help you get an application that is highly accessible on anyone's table and phone. With the help of such things, you can easily track the usage of Instagram and other applications used by them. The application offers people a lot of different applications as well.

With this, you can keep your children's activities performed on Instagram on notice. So, you can protect them whenever needed and ensure a safer aura for them while being on social media platforms. Moreover, it is ready to install an application that provides you with easier access, and it has been specifically designed to track youngsters.

Tracking Instagram followers without using third-party applications: -

If you cannot use the listed ways or platforms, then we are here with the simple method. Here you can easily track someone's most recent Instagram followers. Check out the listed points to reveal more: -

The users need to go to safari, google chrome, or whatever search engine they are using on their smart device and then type instagram site into the search bar.

After that, you need to add on your credentials and log in to your account; then, press the three-dotted icon present there at the top right corner and select a desktop site. 

Once you are done with this, then you need to move on towards the person you want to keep an eye on and then press the follower's tab. However, people are offered the ability to discover their recent Instagram followers. 

With the help of such things, you are proficient in watching all the followers in chronological order. It can help you get the sorted and newest form of quickly watching the new and older followers.

Regardless of the device selection, the users need to examine the followers of any smart device like a tablet, smartphone, PC, or more. Then, with the help of such things, you will see the list of the followers in the perfect format.

Undoubtedly, people are proficient in getting them comfortable and the easiest way of checking the most recent followers on Instagram. Such aspects are helping people to check out their profile or someone else's, which signifies the main reason to opt for listed methods instead of alternatives.


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How To See The Liked Posts On Facebook? Unveil Vital Aspects Here!

Suppose you want to learn How to see posts you've liked on Facebook, then you have visited the right place. Here we will uncover vital aspects regarding Facebook and the posts you are willing to see. If you want to become successful with the help of social media platforms, you need to prefer beginning your influencing or marketing career on Facebook.

It is a widely accepted platform where millions of active users are noticed. However, Facebook is where the users are proficient in getting a variety of content that they can like and comment on. If you want to see the posts you have liked from a variety of pages, then you need to do certain things.

It is quite possible that you have given the specific duration to the posts and photos and might have commented here. But you cannot remember the page and the posts you loved. If you are willing to get something on the social media platform, you can easily check out the posts and other content. Let's unveil more about such aspects at the points mentioned below. Take a look here at smm panel to know much: -

Paramount aspects regarding Facebook posts are revealed here: -

If you have forgotten about the Facebook likes you have given to the specific post, you need to take a quick trip to your activity log. In some cases, if people are willing to like and unlike the Facebook posts or want to hide a look at the Facebook fan page from the profile, you can easily do so. Read out the listed aspects to know more.

How to see posts you've liked on Facebook?

Rare people are aware that Facebook is the platform where the users are competent in getting the availability of activity logs. So here, you are proficient in watching everything you have done in the account.

However, with the help of the activity log, you can quickly notice the searches made and the comments that you have made previously, along with more tuff. There are certain steps regarding such a process that you are competent in finding out the activity log.

On the desktop: - 

  • The users need to open their Facebook accounts on their phones.
  • After that, you need to click on the icon where there are 3 horizontal steps present.
  • Users need to click on the settings and privacy option present there.
  • After that, you need to go to settings.
  • Scroll down to the activity log section to watch the admired things.
  • Go to the activity log.
  • Once you are done with all these things, you need to look for the posts you liked back in that day.

In order to watch these things, the users need to press the particular log, and then they need to open up the posts that will appear on the screen. The Facebook activity log is organized chronologically along with dates where you can perform such actions.

If you remember the date, you need to look for the specific day you commented or liked the posts. Here you are proficient in getting the ease of finding out the posts and then begin the further process on such social media platform.

On Android or iOS: -

  • The users are advised to open up the Facebook application on their smartphone.
  • It would be best if you went to your Facebook profile.
  • After that, you need to tap on the menu button on the bottom right side for iOS devices or the top right for Android; here, you need to press the three-lined button.
  • Here, you will see your name on the top of the menu and then tap on it.
  • Users need to press the activity log button under the profile image.
  • Now you are proficient in watching the screen where you can get the list of the activities that are sorted by multiple years.
  • You need to tap on one of them, and then you are proficient in watching the log of different activities on Facebook.
  • Feel free to consider the filter likes only and then tap on the filter button near the top; after that, you need to press the likes button.
  • Here the users are taken back to the main activity log screen, where they can easily tap on any year or month to see the likes from that period.
  • If you are willing to unlike something you might have liked accidentally, you can easily prefer getting it done with the listed steps.
  • It would help if you pressed the little down arrow on the right side of the selected item, and then you can tap on the, unlike button.
  • If you are willing to unlike the post or anything, you need to tap on the little down-arrow on the right side, and bingo! You are good to go.
  • You might have liked the Facebook fan page, and if you are willing to hide it from the timeline, you can easily do so without any hassle.

It is quite nice to notice the activities of your account and get to know the type of content that you've liked; that is how to see posts you've liked on Facebook. But unfortunately, most people usually recall the posts, watch content, comment on posts, and do more things than they are competent in getting done.

Here the users are served with the activity log of Facebook where the user or account holder is competent in getting the admired results. With the help of such things, you can quickly get the things done, and there are particular features present that can help you to like, unlike, or share the content.

In the activity log, there are certain things that the user can do where you can find out the activity that you have been looking for. For example, you can quickly press the 3 dots to view the posts, go to the poster account or page, and you are free to, unlike the post.

Ways to find out the list of all Facebook activities without any categories: -

Certain people are present who are willing to get the entry that seems to have disappeared or want to see the entire activities at the specific place. In this case, you need to prefer visiting the activity log. Then you need to swipe done after that tap on the 'view activity history' button from where you can easily find out the activities without any category classification, which makes things even more convenient and hassle-free.

If you want to become a successful social media influencer, you need to have a sufficient number of followers and likes. However, multiple people want to get massive success by considering shortcuts, so here is bulkmedya. We are serving high-quality outcomes and results that are impossible to obtain even with better credibility. With these services, you can get favorable results and enhanced outcomes without risking your entire fortune.

What happens if you accidentally like or unlike something?

If you like or unlike the content on Facebook accidentally, then nothing happens. The likes and dislikes will be stored in your account, but it isn't going to appear on your timeline. It shows that you are served with great privacy and security as other users, or your Facebook friends cannot see the type of content that you watch often.

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Do Inactive Accounts On Instagram Are Deleted?

Instagram is one of the giant social media platforms where billions of active users are noticed. People are denoting it as the hub of opportunities as plenty of them have become renowned face by becoming social media influencers, content creators, brands, and internet marketers.

But keeping the platform like social media panel clean and up to date is the responsibility of the authorities of Instagram. Here they need to take specific measures and take action against violations or inactivity of terms of use. Now the question arises does Instagram delete inactive accounts? We are going to find out such aspects and more regarding Instagram.

Yes, the authorities of Instagram deleted the inactive Instagram account to maintain privacy. Besides that, the authorities will delete the accounts that are inactive for a prolonged period. It shows that people need to be quite active there to maintain the proper condition of their accounts. Let's hop into the following details to understand more regarding it.

Are inactive accounts eliminated from Instagram?

Instagram is a widely accepted social media platform where people are proficient in getting extraordinary career opportunities. If you want to become successful while becoming a digital influencer, you need to consider being active on Instagram.

The authorities of Instagram can quickly delete inactive accounts in the same condition for an extended period. So, everybody will be able to get easier access and use the admired name following the terms of use of Instagram.

But there is the fact that we all must know Instagram hasn't mentioned the span for deleting inactive accounts. The experts have analyzed case studies, and they have noted that numerous accounts have been deleted after being inactive for a couple of years.

No matter if it is a personal account or the brand account, you need to be active there to reduce the possibility of getting your account deleted. However, in order to counter such an issue, you need to log into your IG once in a while to maintain a smoother running of it.

What is the type of inactive account?

If you want to get shortcut keys to success with the help of social media platform, then you need to prefer Instagram. Here you are proficient in getting the easier way of getting success, but you need to have a sufficient number of followers and likes. The algorithm isn't going to work in the same way for everyone; that is why we bulkemedya is here.

We are selling the Instagram likes that can help you to get the finest credibility and opportunity to get wide attention via trending section appearance. We are a renowned and reliable company which shows that you can try the facilities available for clients and the best thing is that they don't need to make the enormous investment.

Moreover, the account with no activity for an extended period is considered inactive. It shows that the user isn't posting any posts or stories and haven't logged in for an extended period. But you might be wondering how to protect your accounts from being inactive to avoid such hassle. Well, you must check out the points listed below.

Feel free to connect your Instagram account to Facebook ad enable the IG sharing option so whenever you post something on Facebook, it will appear on Instagram as well.

Besides that, you can feel free to share your Instagram account in the link to your story that you have posted on other social media platforms. This is the exquisite way to ask your loved ones to follow you on Instagram.

The experts suggest people try to log in at least once in a while, and if you aren't willing to use your account regularly, then considering such activity can help you a lot.

People should keep their account open as they don't need to switch towards the private account mode as it can reduce the chances of getting the account back.

The activities performed on your IG account can help you prevent the possibility of getting the account deleted; that is how you can maintain the perfect running of your IG account.

Can people use the username of inactive accounts? 

The authorities of Instagram aren't letting people use the username of inactive accounts. But they are proficient in getting the accounts' usernames that they have deleted once. If you have created the brand account on IG and finalized the username, but in some cases, somebody has already used it.

But somehow, if those accounts are inactive, then in this situation, you can easily report the account and select the reason that is 'inactivity.' The authority of IG will take an in-depth review of the reported account.

With the help of such things, they will find out about the inactivity for an extended period; that is why the account will be deleted. Once it gets eliminated from Instagram, you are proficient in using it accordingly and creating the account with the same name.

Is it possible to restore the deleted Instagram account?

No, it is impossible to restore the deleted Instagram accounts. If you delete it yourself or the creators of Instagram has deleted it for various reasons, then it isn't possible to get it back. However, such deletion means that the account is gone forever.

However, if the Instagram authorities have deleted your account, then there is a chance for an appeal. But you must know that appeal doesn't guarantee account recovery; there's still a chance. But Does Instagram delete inactive accounts? Yes, it does, but the appeal can somehow help you get it back.

To file the IG account restoration appeal, you must consider the process listed below. Take a look: -

Collect and gather the required evidence to challenge the decision.

The users can quickly contact the supportive services via live chat or email.

You need to show the evidence and request the account restoration to get your IG access back.

Although the chances of getting the account back are pretty impossible, you can try as we never know what can happen. There are certain cases where you might have read out the user's experience where they can delete their IG account accidentally.

There is no primary reason behind it being present; the authorities are serving people with a chance to get it back. The appeal will work in the accounts that have been deleted by Instagram or were hacked.

Primary reasons for Instagram account deletion: -

We have described earlier that inactivity is the main reason for Instagram account deletion, but there are some other reasons as well that are listed below.

Posting nudity: 

People of different age groups have joined Instagram as it is the place where people can watch family-friendly content. But somewhere, if you have posted something inappropriate that promotes nudity, then your account will be deleted.

Harassing other IG users: 

The authorities of Instagram believe that every user is essential; that is why people or IG users that are harsh on someone need to deal with account deletion. However, harassment is available in different types, and some people are giving threats to other users or sharing unsolicited content. These people are more likely to face the account deletion issue.



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How Can You Make A Facebook Event Or Replicate One?

Facebook events allow you to plan and attend a gathering in the real world with your friends. Events can be created for almost any topic online or in person. The events can be private, with just your people around. You can invite-only a few people to your private events. The events can be created publicly where anybody on Facebook can see them. Let's see how you can create a Facebook event or duplicate one

Make a Facebook event that is only open to your friends

It is very simple to plan a private event on Facebook but getting all the details perfect is crucial for the plan to get successful. 

You will see a News Feed option on the left side of the menu. If the choice does not appear here, you should click on the See more option.

You will then be sent to the page listing the most popular events in the area. You can add your event. Click on the new event option present there. 

After creating the event, you can then be able to hold your event either online or in person. You can use the Messenger rooms to video call your friends if you are present online. Some external links can also be used, like Microsoft Zoom and Teams. You will also have to decide whether the event you have created is a general meeting or a class. If the event is a class, you must select the timings and the series of sessions. If that particular event is going to be held in person, you will need to provide a location or reserve a venue for it. 

After all these options are done, you will see four privacy settings on the event details page. The three settings out of four will be able to keep the event private. Once you have chosen the event's privacy, it cannot be changed after that. As a result, be assured that you pick the proper one for your event. Sometimes people ask, why can't I duplicate a Facebook event? All these factors contribute to the same. 

What are the privacy options?

Here is how each of the privacy choices works:

Private setting

In this setting, the event will only be shown to those persons to whom you are invited in the event. You can even specify if you need your guests to invite further friends or not. Everything about the event, like the event description, videos, and images, is visible to those who have been invited to join the event.


In this setting, your Facebook friends will only be able to see the event. However, all the things related to the event, such as the event description, posts, and images, will be available to Facebook friends. 


The images, videos, and event descriptions are only visible to members of a specified group. There are two groups. One is the private one, and the other one is a public group. In a public group, anyone who is on Facebook or not can see the event. While in a private group, only the members will be able to see the event. 

The settings of your event depend on how much privacy you want for the events. You will be able to show the lists of guests been invited to the event if the privacy is for friends only. You can even have a co-host also. Only co-hosts are permitted if the event is for a specified group. The things that are left are to add the event's description, title, images, videos, and the location of the event. 

How do you get more Facebook and Instagram likes and followers?

You can purchase Instagram likes as it is quite safe and simple if you are with a renowned company like Bulkmedya. It is the safest site that can provide you with the high-quality Instagram likes you are looking for. If you feel any concern about the procedure or anything, the customer care staff is always there to assist you. You can take the help of Bulkmedya to get the most genuine likes. 

What is the process of creating a public event on Facebook?

The steps are the same while creating a public event. You have to select events from the news feed options and click on the option to create a new event. Choose if you want to hold the event online or in person. Click on the privacy menu in the event details section and then click on the public. You can create a public event on Facebook in this way. Any person on Facebook can see the event. You will have to add the details like event descriptions, posts, and videos about the event. Make your event looks the best by adding unique and good titles. 

How can you duplicate a Facebook event?

If you want to rerun the even after it has been created, then you can even make the same copy. People wondering why can't I duplicate a Facebook event should pay more attention to these details. After clicking at best smm panel event, you have to select the duplicate event from the three dots to present out there under the edit option.

You can also change the settings if require necessary modifications, such as converting a private event into a public. Also, make sure that you update the new timings and location of the event. After you have filled in all of the information, you have to click next and then create the event. 

Editing a Facebook event

You might need to make changes in the event listing because of the changes in the situation. Suppose you want to make changes to the event, then you go to the business page or on the personal profile of the person hosting the event.

Click on the option events present on the left side. There will appear Facebook events manager on your screen. You will be able to see the calendar of all the upcoming tasks you have listed. You can click on the menu to edit or duplicate the event.

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Instagram – How You Can Share 30 Seconds Reels On Your Story!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, which has become millions of people's source of joy. Such a social media handle provides the people or its user with many different features and options. The primary motive of Instagram is to give the users the best online platform experience. 


Through such online sources like bulk smm, people can have the fun of posting pictures; they can also make some reels, boomerangs, and many more. In addition, it is the only source through which people can have the fun of various things at a single time. Likewise, Instagram allows everyone to communicate with their friends and family by texting, video calling, etc. 


It also provides the user facility to shoot the videos of their content; the videos users shoot on Instagram are known as reels. Some people think that How to share 30-sec reels on an Instagram story? But this is the most straightforward thing to do; the users just have to select some options and features for posting their reels on the story. So for sharing the 30 seconds reels on the story, things you should consider are listed below: -


Instagram media saver: -

We know that Bulkmedya helps Instagram users in many different ways. As it is the company that helps the users gets the likes, and so on. Because of such a renowned company, it becomes efficient for the Insta users to gain a good amount of likes. However, it is the most reliable and genuine company which supports the users of Instagram.


But for posting the 30 seconds story, first, you need to download the Instagram media saver. Next, install such an app on your phone, and after that, tap on the Add Shortcut button. Downloading the media saver can help Instagram users in many different ways. Likewise, from such an application, the users can easily save their Insta stories, pictures, videos, and so on directly to their phones. 


Go to the Reels: -

Once you install the Instagram media saver to your phone for downloading the pictures, videos, etc. After that, you have to visit the reels which you want to download for posting to the stories. However, people most asked query, How to share 30-sec reels on an Instagram story, is now solved.


On the contrary, after going to the reels, the users have to open that specific reel they want to post on their story. In addition, to find the reels posted by you, directly visit your profile and go to the reel tab.  Thus finding the reel is the second step in uploading the longer reel to the Instagram story.  


Ellipsis button: -

If you want to post your 30-seconds reels on the Instagram story, you have to follow the steps. The first step is installing the Instagram media saver; after that, go to the reels you want to post. Thus the third step the users have to take for uploading the reels on the Instagram story is clicking on the ellipsis button.


The ellipsis button is the 3-dot icon on the right side and at the bottom of the reel. By clicking on such a button, you can see various options. Likewise, the sharing option, remix the reels, save, report, etc. But for posting the reels into the story, you have to choose the share option. 


Tap' share to': -

We know that only 15 seconds reels can be posted on the Instagram story, but a person has to take some steps to post a long-duration reel. Likewise, downloading the media saver, finding the reels, and last but not least, the ellipsis button. After these three steps, the users of Instagram have to tap on the share to option. 


Clicking the sharing option will help you, or we can say the users in moving forward to posting the video on the story. After tapping on the share option, the users have to select the Instagram media saver from the share sheet. Doing such will help you download the reels you want to post. Once finishing the first four steps, click on the ok button when you see the shortcuts like to access shortcuts.


Grant permissions: -

For posting the reel of 30 seconds, the Instagram users have to follow various steps that will help them post the video on the story. Similarly, to make the posting easier and straightforward, grant all the permission required for uploading the videos or reels. The Instagram media saver only requires the permissions necessary for posting the videos on the story.


It doesn't affect the privacy, or we can say the safety of Instagram users. Likewise, it provides the people with three options: allow once, always allow, or don't allow. It's all up to the users which they would like to choose. But for uploading the long-duration reel on the story, the users have to grant the required permissions to the application. 


Open the Instagram app: -

Once completing the further steps like installing media saver, clicking on the various buttons, sharing the videos for downloading, and granting the necessary permission, you have to open the app. Thus after these steps, the users or people have to open the Instagram app; the reason behind opening the app after these steps is to post the story. 


Once you open the Instagram app, add a new story. On the create page, where the app provides various options for uploading a story, select the downloaded reel. However, the reel you download, or we can say which is more than 15seconds, can automatically segment into two clips. 


Thus, in the end, by following the steps efficiently and in a proper manner, the users have to tap on the next options, and after that, click on the Share button to post the story. So this is how a person can easily upload a reel of 30 seconds on an Instagram story. However posting a long duration story isn’t a complex thing to do.



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