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What Are The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Reels On Facebook?

Facebook has changed a lot in the last few years. In 2018, they introduced a new feature - reels. The reels create an archive of your very important memories that all your friends and family can enjoy, such as pictures. For users who don't want their memories to be seen by everyone, there are many ways to get rid of reels on Facebook, including deleting them from their posts and not using them! With so many ways to remove the reel(s), this is a great guide for anyone looking for answers on how to get rid reels on facebook?

Looking for ways to get rid of reels on Facebook? You're in luck because we've put this information together about how to do that. It'll show you how to find the offending reel and then delete it from your feed so you can return to enjoying your newsfeed without any interruptions by  visiting at instagram panel.

It's easy and simple! Just follow the steps outlined below:

1.   Next, tap the small arrow icon in the top-right corner of your screen: You may need to scroll down on your phone or touchpad to see it.

2.      Tap the Settings option

3.      Select the Videos and Photos option

4.      Scroll down until you reach Reels

5.      Tap the Reel link under Your Activity at the bottom of your screen

6.      View your reels (You might need to scroll down to find them)

Depending on which reels you would like to delete, you will find them in either under Most Recent or under All Activity. It depends on which Facebook app and mode you're using

Reasons why people don’t like reels on Facebook

While creating a reel for some of your memories may feel satisfying and memorable, it can also be disappointing when you’re scrolling through your feed and suddenly find that out of all the videos and photos, you have 33 reels on Facebook.

Some people don't like reels as a feature on Facebook because they don't like having to watch specific moments from their life. Therefore, they might not want to share any of the reels with their friends to avoid seeing any part of those moments.

Some people don't want others to see their reels because they may be embarrassing or too personal. It might also be an issue if someone sees two or three reels simultaneously.

For example, if you have a reel on the "One Summer" period of your life and someone else sees it, they might get the wrong impression that you were drunk at all times during that summer. Reasons why people don't like reels are an important topic we'll cover in-depth later in this article.

How to delete all of your Facebook reels?

If you're not sure whether you should delete all of your Facebook reels or not or want to remove some particular one, then here is how to do this:

Photos and Videos > Reels > Right-click on a reel > Delete Reel

This will replace the reel with a message suggesting that you remove and share it. All of your previous reels will be deleted.

If you don't have any of the old reels in your Newsfeed, the message will refer you to the "Remove a Reel" section below.

If you do have some old reels, then delete them as follows:

Photos and Videos > Reels > Right-click on a reel > Delete Reel

These are some ways that you can consider when you wish to delete your facebook reels. But those who want to increase engagement can take access to Bulkmedya to get the best help. It is a platform that provides users with a feature where they can buy likes and views on reels. In this manner, people can get popular across the world. This all is done with the help of the Bulkmedya platform, as it has provided its service for a long.

Reasons why people don't want to get rid of reels on Facebook

People don't want to get rid of reels on Facebook, including embarrassment, regret, and sadness. Some users might not like that they revealed some embarrassing moments from their lives and how many times they were drunk or emotionally vulnerable.

Some people might have wished they had never created those reels in the first place, as they would like to go back and change the memories that they think are embarrassing and regret the fact that their friends can see them.

How to delete one reel?

If you want to delete a reel and don't want to delete all of them, we have a solution for you below:

Video and Photos > Reels > Your Reels > Tap the small arrow in the top-right corner of the reel > Tap the trash icon (the three vertical dots next to the trash can) and confirm that you want to delete it.

You will be asked whether you're sure that you want to remove this reel. It will not appear in your Newsfeed or on your profile page when deleted this way.

If you think that someone is unhappy with one or all of their Facebook reels, we recommend talking to them before deleting any of their reels.

How to remove one reel?

It's a relatively simple way to get rid of a reel. The only thing that may be difficult and confusing is how to remove it from your Newsfeed.

Video and Photos > Reels > Your Reels > Tap the small arrow in the top-right corner of the reel > Tap the trash icon (the 3 vertical dots next to the trash can) and confirm that you want to delete it.

You will be asked whether you're sure that you want to remove this reel. When deleting it this way, it will not appear in your Newsfeed or on your profile page.


Deleting reels on Facebook is a painless process, and users can rest assured that their privacy will not be at risk. With so many ways to remove a reel, keep these apps and social media platforms in mind in the future when you're creating your reels.

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Want To Find Out Who Owns An Instagram Account? Read Out The Details!

In today's world, Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms through which millions of people can have endless joy. Such a smm panel primarily works on offering its users the best services compared to the other platforms. However, through Instagram, people can interact with people from all over the world.

Likewise, it offers people various options like video calling, texting, etc. Because of such a platform's popularity, some people find out difficulty to see their available profiles. As the people wonder How to find out who owns an Instagram account? So to find out an Instagram account, a person needs to follow some steps that will help them a lot. 

By following the further steps, a person can efficiently and straightforwardly find out the one who owns an Instagram account. Such social media platform provides people with ease in almost everything. It mainly works on offering the users the best experience of social media. Thus the various steps that you should know who owns an Instagram account are listed below.


Visit people search engine: -

If you want to know How to find out who owns an Instagram account? The first step you have to take is to visit the people search engine. The people search engine refers to the accessible engine that helps people know about the specific person they want to know.

By visiting such a search engine, the only thing a person needs to do is filling the details, which mean the person's name. Such source of searching the people includes the specific person's name, email, phone number, address, and last but not least, the social network account. The best thing about Instagram is that it supports the people with this facility. Even it also doesn't cost the users any access charges. 


Enter Instagram username: -

We know that to search or find out a person on a social media platform like Instagram easily; you first need to visit the people search engine. So visiting the search engine is the first step in moving forward to searching for people. After going to the search engine or website, enter the Instagram username on that website.

It is crucial for people to enter the username of such a person to know the various aspects related to him. By entering the user name, you can easily find out who is behind that specific profile on Instagram. This method of searching for people is the most convenient and straightforward. 

Spokeo: -

Instagram is a popular social media platform that helps millions of people to earn global fame by creating videos or posting pictures. Similarly, Bulkmedya helps people gain a good amount of likes on their posted content. Therefore, the company supports Instagram users in having the best social media platform experience. 


No doubt that it provides people ease of buying likes on their content. On the contrary, the third step people have to take to find out the person's account e is Spokeo. The Spokeo includes more than 120 social sites and minor to major public records. By searching the Instagram account on such a platform, people can easily get the account user's personal contact details, location information, and online profile. 


Search reverse image: -

After following the first two steps, the third step you would take to search out the person who owns the Instagram account is a reverse image. Yes, you have to search for the reverse image that will help you see the profile picture of the person clearly and efficiently. There is no doubt that by searching the social catfish online investigating services, you can see the clear picture. 


It has the latest and most advanced facial recognition with background reports. Such things help the finders search out the person who has the Instagram account efficiently and straightforwardly. First, you have to upload an image and tap on the search button to see the picture. After that, when the site is loaded, unlock the full report and get your user information from it. 


Track profile IP address: -

Once you are done with the first four steps of finding out the person who owns an Instagram account, you have to track the profile IP address. The primary and foremost reason for tracking down the IP address is that it helps you know the exact location and the person. To have the location details of the person who owns that specific Instagram account, you need to click on the location tracking URLs.


Clicking on such an option will help you find out the person behind that particular account. Also, you have to Grabify the IP Logger website, and then you have to create the random customized URL. You have to begin the conversation with the user you want to track and send them the link by doing these things. Thus, this is how you can easily know the particular user's location. 


Check the profile: -

After completing all the steps required for tracking down, we can say finding out the person on the Instagram. The last thing a person needs to do is check the profile. The reason behind checking that particular person's profile is to have confirmation.


The profile checking will help the assessors know the minor to major aspects regarding that specific person who owns that specific account. There is no doubt that by following these many steps, a person can easily and straightforwardly find out what he is looking for. 



So, in the end, we know that for tracking a person who owns an Instagram account, people need to follow the steps that are listed above. By following each step, a person can straightforwardly track down the people. However, no doubt that the people search engines doesn’t cost any monetary amount for searching the various users’ names. In addition, the assessors may also have many benefits like an entire secure domain for searching the people. 


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Things You Should Know About Facebook And Starting A New Paragraph On Facebook Messenger

Facebook is largely used by many people all over the world. You may find that Facebook offers a lot of features to its users. There are a lot of things you can do on Facebook, like communicating with your friends through Messenger. You can follow your friends and your friends could follow you back. You can share funny posts and quotes with your friends. Facebook Messenger is a great app as it allows users to interact with their friends through various methods. You can call your friends and send stickers, voice mails, video calls and do many more things with Facebook messenger.

However, cheapest smm panel india also offers services like the Facebook market places. This is where people sell their old things to the people who need them, or you can also find jobs and new stuff for good rates. There are pages you can follow that share good content according to your interest. Therefore Facebook has a great use case, and it connects people from all across the world. You may face some issues while typing messages on Facebook messenger in a paragraph.

We are going to know about How to start a new paragraph on Facebook messenger? and various other things:     


How can you use Facebook facilities to your advantage?

Facebook has a lot of use cases and various amount of features. You can also earn from facebook by various methods. For example, if you have a page with millions of followers, you can get brand promotion deals. You can also use Facebook to affiliate products and earn. However, this could be possible if you have a good following. You can also make your pages and grow them by posting great content.

Therefore if you need to gain likes on your post to grow, you can buy them from Bulkmedya. By buying like from bulkmedya, you can make your profile more stunning. We Bulkmedya sell Facebook likes, and we are a renowned company. So you can make your profile grow by buying likes.

While you can also earn a good amount of money by flipping stuff on the Facebook marketplace, you will find a lot of cheap stuff on the Facebook marketplace that you can buy and sell at a higher price. Besides earning, Facebook could also be a great source of enjoyment. You can enjoy the content you like in your spare time and earn a nice amount.    

How to start a new paragraph?

You may face this scenario; while typing a message to your friends through Facebook messenger, you will hit enter, thinking it will start a new line or paragraph. However, that's not the case; what will happen is your message will be sent to your friend while the message will be incomplete.

Therefore you would have to type big messages without making any new paragraphs. So now you will think about the solution to this problem, and you can do it easily on a smartphone. To add a line break or paragraph in a message on a Facebook messenger, you just simply need to press the done or enter button on the keyboard on your mobile screen.

However, you would need to consider a few things in Facebook messenger on a pc. First, you need to open Facebook on your browser and simply log in to your account. Now you need to open the message section and type in the message you want to send to your friend. Finally, now you need to add a line break or paragraph by pressing the 'SHIFT+ ENTER' keys together on the keyboard. By using both keys together, you would be able to send messages without any problem of not having a paragraph space.      

Use the shortcut key or Double-tap to create a new paragraph

As mentioned above, you can just need to remember these keys SHIFT+ENTER to make a paragraph. However, it will not work on a smartphone. You can also use one more method to create a paragraph or line break. There is a double press method available which you can use by pressing enter key twice on a keyboard. This will help you create a new paragraph.

You may want to update your stories on Facebook and write or convey a big message to your followers, and then you would need to put a line break or make a new paragraph. So you can simply use these two methods where you just need to enter a shortcut key "SHIFT+ENTER" or double-tap enter to make a line break and post your story.


You would know by now how to make a line break or a new paragraph with the simple method. The information mentioned above will not only tell you about starting a new paragraph but will help you know various other things about Facebook. For example, you would also know that you can use Facebook to earn. 

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How To Shoot Your Shot On Instagram And Promote Your Account?

Instagram is a great platform to interact with people and make friends. There are millions of people that are actively using Instagram every day. You may want to start interacting with a person you may like, or you may want to increase your following and become an influencer. People make content that they have knowledge about and share it with other people. Instagram is filled with knowledgeable and funny content. However,  many more types of content are made and posted on the platform like best smm panel in india. People use Instagram for fun and communicate with other people.

It’s very common that you build a liking to someone and want to take your shot at them. However, it could be a difficult task depending on the account you want to reach and contact. There are accounts with thousands of people following them, so it becomes difficult for you to get your chance to chat with them. Too much following on an account means so many people want to talk to them.

However, here are a few of the tips mentioned to promote your account and take a shot:

Shooting your shot  

There are high chances that you will get to see many people and start gaining a liking. As you use insta normally, you see a lot of accounts and a lot of profiles, so it could happen. However, people post photos on Instagram that look stunning, or it could be posts that hold memories. You need to do a few things to take your shot, so you don't' mess it up. While many people are concerned, we will talk about How to shoot your shot on Instagram?. To make a move, these are a few things that you should know about.

Making Your Move

To begin with, you should follow the one you want to interact with. And to do it properly so the one you have followed will see you. Therefore you need to ensure that you follow their account when there is no new post, or there will not be many people trying to reach them. This will increase your chance of interaction as this could be possible that you follow pop up in their notification.

After that, you should wait for a follow back. However, you don't need to get a follow back if you follow an account with millions of followers. So to make another try, you should make your move by liking their few old and new posts and commenting on their posts. So they could be able to see it and hopefully react to it so you can start a conversation or move into their Dm’s.

nce more, there are very few chances if you are trying to reach an account with blue ticks or thousands of followers. So to interact with such an account, you need to build your following and gain a blue tick. So they could notice you in their followings and comments. 


Tips On Growing Instagram Profile

You may want to build your following and gain a blue tick to get noticed. Therefore you should start by making and uploading the content you like and know about. Once you start posting, people who like your content will follow you and like your posts. You need to make sure that you are making great content and using good tags in the description. This will boost your chances of gaining followers and acquiring a blue tick. To make your account get good reach, you need to know that the content you are posting has good quality.

You can even shoot your videos from Instagram and get a lot of filters that you can use in your videos. However, it could be difficult to grow as your content have to compete with other content. Therefore you can also use Bulkmedya to buy like for your content. We Bulkmedya sell likes on Instagram for people who want likes for their profiles. There is the best price available to buy insta likes on Bulkmedya.

How to promote your profile and content?

To promote your account to gain follows and likes naturally, you can do many things such as collab with other content creators that make content like you, so more people would interact with your content. Instagram also provides a feature of promoting your content as ads grow. So you can promote your stories and posts on Instagram easily. However, you can also target your niche audience by promoting your content on other pages with millions of followers. This could be a great boost to your following, as many people will see your content.   


This information will help you understand how to shoot your shot and start interacting with other people. You would also get to know how you can promote your content and make your account gain a good following.

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How To Refresh Facebook And Use Facebook To Your Advantage?

Facebook has brought the revolution to the internet by introducing a social media platform that connects billions of people worldwide. People use it to interact with their family and friends. However, by that time, Facebook had made many changes to its platform and made it best for its users. There are many features that they offer their users to use. For example, it could be used as a profile to show your professional or carrier achievement to other people. Almost everyone nowadays has a Facebook account which you can easily find by searching their name.

Refreshing Facebook feed?

There could be many reasons you may need to refresh your account's Facebook. Then a question may arise How to refresh Facebook? Well, sometimes facebook servers could be down, so you may face some issues refreshing your Facebook feed. It may happen that you open Facebook and see old posts. To see new latest post, you need to refresh your account. However, you may face some lag or error while using Facebook. To use it smoothly, you need to open your phone settings go to applications, and find facebook with the help of cheapest panel.

Once you open the Facebook app info, you will find a few options like force stop and clear cache. Use these, and you will see that your Facebook will work more smoothly. If your app is still not working or responding properly, you should try clearing app data and logging in to your account again. However, one more thing you could do is delete the Facebook application and reinstall it.    


Facebook And Its Advantages  

There are a lot of features Facebook offers few of them are making and sharing content. You can use Facebook to do marketing of your business in many ways. For example, you could easily make a page related to your brand and share content related to your field. This will help you make a good customer base for your business. However, you can also promote your product on other pages with many followers. This is also known as influential marketing, where you hire a celebrity or influencer on Facebook to promote your product.

While on Facebook, you will find every type of person with different types of interest. It becomes very easy to target your niche customer on Facebook. Simply to promote your Facebook page or profile, you need to share content people are interested in. Once you start gaining a good following and likes on your post, Facebook will promote your posts to other people. This eventually will promote your posts would grow your business.

However, it's not easy to gain likes and followers on Facebook as you would have to compete with many other people's content. One thing you can do to gain likes on your post is to use bulkmedya to buy likes for your posts. We Bulkmedya sell Facebook likes, and we are a renowned company. So using Bulkmedya to buy likes would save you a lot of time and effort in promoting your page.

Using Facebook Smoothly

Facebook is an application, so it requires constant updates. You would need to refresh your account as it could be logged out because of security reasons. You may need to log in to your account again if your Facebook is not working properly. Many changes are being made to the way Facebook works. So you may need to refresh your Facebook account because of some network error or bugs.

To ensure you won't get logged out again for security reasons, you should ensure your password is strong and your phone number or other details are verified. You should activate two-step authentications on your account. It will make your account more secure, and you won't get logged out and have to refresh your account.  

How Could Facebook Marketplace Help You Earn?

The Facebook marketplace could be a great way to earn if used correctly. The Facebook marketplace is a great opportunity for people to earn by selling different things. As you know, Facebook is used by almost everyone, so there is a good chance that you would find the customers for the product you sell. In addition, many people use it because Facebook doesn't take any charge or small amount from the product you are selling.

You can easily earn even if you don't have any business. You would need to find a good cheap deal that you think could be sold for more money. However, this process is also known as flipping, where you can buy a product at a low price and sell it for more amount of money. Suppose you have any local business and want to take it online, then Facebook will be of great use to you. You can not only sell the products, but you can even post to hire employees for your customer.  

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A Beginner's Guide To Start Using Instagram - A Social Media Platform

Instagram is widely known by people all around the world. It is a social media panel platform with billions of users registered to its platform. The platform offers services like sharing images and videos or communication with friends, and many more things that a social media platform offers. People share a lot of content on this platform every day. It's a platform where you can capture your memories in videos or photos and share them with your friends or even with people worldwide.

Instagram is not only used for sharing images or videos, but you could also use it as a promoting tool. This tool will eventually help you build a good number of followers on your account. Millions of active users overall use Instagram daily. People find it interesting to use, and it's a great enjoyment to have after an exhausting day.

Why Do People Use Instagram?

Millions of active users scroll through their Instagram feed they find the content they like that makes them escape from their usual life. The content such as memes, great edits, funny moments or knowledgeable videos, quotes, and many more content genres is shared on Instagram. In addition, Instagram suggests content based on users' interests, making it more fun to use. For example, you may like content based on pets and food, then Instagram uses different types of algorithms to detect that, and it will mostly show you content related to pets and food.

However, for many people, Instagram could also be used as a tool to promote your brand or business. There are pages with millions of real and active followers that could help you promote your product or service. You could also find the celebrities that you like and follow them to see what they are up to. People also use Instagram to earn money by doing influencer marketing.

How To Grow On Instagram?

To grow on Instagram, you can share your talent on Instagram and build a community around it. However, If you are good at what type of content you share, you will inspire many people to be like you or even better. For example, you could share content related to gaming and show your gaming skill to other games and give them tips to improve their gameplay.

However, if you are still not growing, you can use Bulkmedya to buy likes on Instagram. Bulkmedya will significantly impact your profile by providing like on your posts. You will find that your profile will start growing once your posts start getting a good amount of likes, and by doing that, you can easily buy likes from Bulkmedya.

Can You See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts?

There are many things a person could do on Instagram. While some of your friends may make multiple accounts, you would be curious to see if those accounts belong to your friends. First, however, you will wonder if Can you see if someone has multiple Instagram accounts? There is no guarantee that you will find those accounts, but you can still try to use two methods: one will be manually, or the other will be using a third-party app or website.

How To Install Instagram?

As a first step, you would need to open up the play store app on android or the app store on ios to install Instagram. Then, simply search for Instagram on these apps and click the download button. It will be installed on your mobile depending on your internet connection speed. Once Instagram is installed on your device, you would need to open the Instagram app from the mobile's home screen. After opening the application, you need to sign up or make an account on their platform.

Simply click on login if you already have an account. If not, then click on sign up. After that, you need to make a new username for your account. Once a username is made, you must enter some additional information like Gmail, birth date, etc. Then you would be asked to put in a new password, make a strong password, and you would be all set. Once all of that is done, you will be able to see the home feed of Instagram.

Features Instagram Provides

Instagram has a lot of features that they offer to their users for a better experience. You will find four or five fixed buttons at the bottom of the screen; there, you will have a home feed, search feed, uploading section, and profile. However, Instagram keeps making changes to its platform. You will find a message section on the top right section of the app where you can share posts with your friends and chat with them and many other things to interact with them.

On the left top, you will find a section where you can upload stories. People use these stories section to share content with their followers or friends on a daily basis. So, for example, you would be able to share what you are doing or share quotes that all of your friends and followers could see.



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How To Share Tiktok Videos On Instagram Story? All You Need To Know

Tiktok has gain massive popularity among the entire social media platforms. Most of teenagers and younkers use tiktok most and they find it interesting and entertaining. Along with getting famous they can be a business mode. As tiktok so many offers for its users, and they can earn money through ads and also receive some rewards and gifts. You can also add your instagram account on tiktok.

How To Get Organic Audience And Post Likes?

If you want to grow your social media account like instagram then you can contact best smm panel. We renowned Bulkmedya company and sell post likes, organic followers and engagements. We provide our services at affordable price and also help you to provide good interaction and manage instagram algorithm.  There is no worry about interruption of third party interference when you deal with us. Also our website provides better privacy and security policy.

A Guidance To Repost Tiktok Videos On Instagram Story

Tiktok is a china app but is popular worldwide. Maximum user of instagram is from US. People love to create videos for fun. The app has so many creative features for users. There are some tool which is used by tiktok to sponsor a brand. You have massive followers then so many brands will contact you for doing ads on your account and they will pay for it.


Open tiktok app and open the video you want to repost. Tap on share icon on the right side of bottom.

Step 2

When you tap on share button you will see many options. Among them choose copy link. Now a link has been copied to your clipboard of the video you want to repost on instagram.

Step 3

Now you have to download the video from any website using this copied link. Go to any tiktok video download website and paste the link there.

Step 4

After downloading your video, open instagram tap on camera symbol and then post the video on your IG story.

Why People Repost TikTok Videos On Instagram?

TikTok and Instagram both have emerged as major player among all social media platform. While TikTok is more focused towards sharing short videos, Instagram has just entered this world of 30-seconds video sharing thorough "Reels" feature. Instagram is a place where users like to interact with other users. If you are posting a video on your story, there are chances that people will comment on your video as well.

However, through sharing feature of TikTok, you can now share your creativity of TikTok on Instagram stories. If you are wondering about how sharing TikTok videos on Instagram can help you, then here's a complete breakdown for you:

Get More Views On Your Videos

In TikTok, you can view the number of views on each video. It is not just a metric of how popular your video is but also provides a motivation to post more videos as more people are viewing it. If you are finding it hard to get more views on your TikTok videos, then you can now get more views by sharing it on Instagram. Your story will direct viewer from Instagram to your TikTok and this will increase the view count on your videos.

Share Mutual Following Base

Reposting TikTok videos on Instagram can prove to be beneficial in terms of followers as well. Instagram has the best way to get followers which is by liking your photos. When you repost TikTok videos on Instagram, new people will be following you that are watching your video. The total number of followers on your TikTok account matters the most because it helps in performing on TikTok's algorithm and make better image to attract brands for endorsement. 

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Feature Of Instagram Reels And How Can You Pause Videos On Instagram

Instagram has been the most trending social media platform for the past few years. There are billions of users worldwide who use Instagram for entertainment. All the Instagram users love to share their activities, like what they are doing or eating right now, and their experiences, like where have visits or traveling experience, on Instagram as posts, stories, and reels. The feature reels are trending. There are so many users on Instagram who love to create videos. Instagram provides so many exciting features for users. 

Get Organic Traffic For Your Instagram Account

We Bulkmedya provide services like buying Instagram post likes, buying Instagram followers; provide an organic audience and strong engagement. Our company services are top-rated and available at an affordable price. Also, the registration process for our website is very easy. You can buy post likes by completing some basic formalities. You can get all your social media services in a single place at bulksmm.

What Are The Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are similar to tiktok videos. You can make a 15-second short video and also a 60-second long reel. You can record and edit your recorded reel. You can even make a reel using photos, and it will look really good when you share your reel on your feed and see your video on the reel's page. The viral video will be seen as a feature option. For buying likes for your Instagram post, you can consider Bulkmedya.

Features Of Instagram Reels And How Can You Use It

If you want to go viral on Instagram, you need to create reels on Instagram. In these times, videos get viral more than posts. Everyone wants to get famous on Instagram. However, there is some artist who gets viral within a short period.

Exciting Filters

You can add so many filters to your Instagram reels. You can tap on the Instagram camera from the top left to use the filters. You will see so many features at the bottom when the camera appears. You can press try once and try it while creating a video. You can tap on the red button to take a photo and hold it to shoot a video.

Impressive Sounds

There are thousands of amazing sounds available on Instagram. After shooting your reel, you will see a music symbol. Tap on the music symbol and search for the sound you want to put on your Instagram reel. By tapping on the sound, you will see an add music button from that you can easily add your favorite sound to your reel.

Slo-Mo Videos

Most Instagram users love the feature of the slo-mo video. You will see so many reels on Instagram, and out of 10, 8 reels are kind of slo-mo. When you open the Instagram camera, you will see a speed increase or decrease option symbol as 1x. Tap on 1x, and you will have two slo-mo speeds. Choose a speed suitable for you and shoot your slo-mo video.


The timer feature of the reel is very important for the person who shoots video independently. You can set the angle, speed, and filter before setting a timer. Also, don't forget to put music on it. Then set your time and place your mobile phone by tapping the red button. It will get started whenever your timer starts.  

How To Pause An Instagram Reel On Phone

 If we see a simple video on Instagram, we can pause it by just tapping on the video, or there is also a pause button to pause the video. But since Instagram introduces the new feature, a reel, you have to tap and hold onto the reel to pause it. If you release your finger from the screen, your reel continues.  

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Want To See Your Older Posts On Instagram? All You Need To Know

Instagram has become one of the biggest social media platforms today. You can easily find it on the play store and download it for free. In recent years Instagram has had a massive growth of users. It will increase from one million to over one billion in 2022. Users of Instagram often post their pictures, videos, or stories on Instagram to make them look good. Also, users want to get more followers and likes on their posts to reach more audiences. If you are also worried about your preferences on Instagram posts, you are free to contact us.

Grow Your Instagram Account Organically By Hiring Bulkmedya Services

We, the Bulkmedyasell likes for Instagram. You can purchase it for reaching to maximum audience. All you need to care about is content. Else, we will handle the algorithm of Instagram. We also take care that your Instagram account grows organically, and you didn't get any report from the Instagram team. You can even check our previous work and read reviews. You can easily buy followers and likes for your post from us. Our services are genuine and at an affordable price. 


Reasons Why You Delete Your Older Posts From Instagram

There may be several reasons to delete your older posts on Instagram. First, maybe you will get a report from the Instagram team for that post. Also, after posting on Instagram, you have changed your mind and don't want to keep that post anymore. Then you can consider deleting that specific post. Here are two reasons why someone deletes their older posts given below.

Address A User Complaint

When you post a picture or reel on your public Instagram account, there are chances you may get a complaint against your post. The Instagram team will email you to delete that specific post. If you don't do so, your account may be restricted by Instagram. Save yourself from posting sensitive or anti-nationalist content. Otherwise, you may get lots of Instagram reports, which will be added to a spam list.    

Lack Of Engagement

When you post on Instagram, you notice that you don't have that much engagement. So you can delete it for better algorithms. You can also buy likes from instagram panel providing organic traffic and will help you to grow your Instagram naturally. Also, when you make a post, and you lose immediate lots of followers, you should delete that post to maintain your followers.


Step By Step Guidance To See Your Older Posts On Instagram

Every user on Instagram wants to grow their account and get more followers. They care about their profile and how it looks to outsiders. They want their Instagram account to look aesthetic and perfect.


If you are a social media influencer, you must need an organic audience. Also, you need to check your order history and posts on Instagram. Here are some steps you can follow to see your older Instagram post given below.

Step 1

First, you need to open your account by logging in from the Instagram app. After that, you will find your profile icon at the bottom of the page of your Instagram account.


Step 2

After clicking on the profile icon, you will see a menu on the top right-hand corner of your Instagram account screen.


Step 3

You can select the setting from the menu and then go to history. You see your archive posts or posts you have liked before in history.


Step 4

When you see the history of your Instagram account, you will be able to see all your older posts. In addition, you can see your older pictures and posts. Also, you can manage your post from history. 


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How To Turn Off Video Calls For Strangers On Instagram

Instagram introduces so many new updates and features for users. There are new updates every one or two months. Instagram introduces the video calling option indirect message section to improve the interactions. The video calling option has so many exciting features, like you can put some filters and look good on video calls. Contact us if you want to gain organic traffic on your Instagram.

We are a renowned Bulkmedya company and provide convenient service for every Instagram account. We sell likes for Instagram posts. You will find all your social media services like Instagram engagement, likes, and followers in a single panel. If you buy services from us, you don't have to worry about your interaction. We will make sure that your content will reach more audiences.

Reasons Why You Should Turn Off Video Calls On Instagram

Video calling is considered a convenient feature on Instagram. People who follow you on Instagram can video call you. So a Twitter campaign was organized using the hashtag “ban insta video calling for strangers.”

Some women have raised the issue that they received so many random video calls from unknown men. It can be very annoying getting unnecessary video calls from a stranger. So here are the reasons to turn off video calls on Instagram.

For Privacy Reasons

Some people love to be private and don't want any interruption from an unknown account. However, peace at privacy is disturbed when they receive unnecessary video calls. That is why they prefer to disable the video call option. However, there is a benefit to having a private account on Instagram. You will not receive video calls from an unknown account. Only people they follow back will be able to make a video call.

To Save Mobile Internet Data

Video calls on Instagram are high quality and take lots of your internet data. Suppose you don't have an unlimited internet plan and want to save some money. Then, you can disable video calls on your Instagram account.

Step By Step Guidance To Disable Video Call On Instagram

Due to some privacy reasons, people often choose to turn off the video call option. If you have a busy life, it can be very irritating to receive a video call from unknown accounts on Instagram. There are so many bot accounts that can hack your account.

So it is better to ban video calls from third-party interference. Once your Instagram account is hacked, it isn't easy to regain followers and likes. But you don't have to worry. You can contact smm panel to purchase and get an organic audience and likes on the post.


First, you have to open an Instagram account, go to your Instagram profile, and click on the top right three lines icon.

Step 2

Tapping on the three lines icon, you need to go to the setting option.

Step 3

After that, go to the notification option where you find the option like message request on/off, direct message on/off, and groups rooms on/off buttons. Along with them, you will find a video calling option.

Step 4

You will find their option named Video chats, and you will see three options to choose from.

First, turn it off, second from people I follow, and another from everyone. This option will help you to disable the video calling option.   

Not everyone is a fan of video calls on Instagram. Everyone has their own life, and no one wants to attend video calls from strangers. It can be annoying if you are a woman and receive unnecessary video calls from unknown men. You can protect your privacy by disabling the video call option for anonymous accounts.  

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