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What Kind of App Is Snapchat?

Snapchat users can customize their photos and videos like adding various filters, lenses and text. Content called Stories that stays on air for 24 hours can also be shared. Also, users can chat and live messaging with friends or groups. The app enjoys great popularity, generally among the younger generation, and allows users to create creative and entertaining content. Snapchat's success and appeal stems from the ephemerality of content and its emphasis on instant communication. An important point to note is that content posted on Snapchat is not completely secure and private. For example, a user can make the sent images or videos permanent by taking a screenshot or saving the content with another device. It still continues very often by young people. Another feature is that instead of keeping your posts in your gallery, you can also keep them in the storage section of the Snapchat application.

How to Use Snapchat App

Using the Snapchat app is a pretty simple and fun process. Download and install the Snapchat app. After opening the app, sign up using your email address or phone number to create a user account. Choose a username and then type in any other required information. When you log in to the application, the main screen will appear. This screen contains the camera that allows you to send the photos and videos you have taken. There is also a message and stories tab where you can view your friends' stories and posts. You can take photos or record videos by pressing the big round button in the middle of the home screen. Tap the key once to take a photo, hold to record a video. You can add face filters, lenses, text, stickers and various effects to customize the content you shoot. You can create your own story by tapping the profile icon in the upper left corner of the home screen.

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