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Young Users of Facebook

Generation Z may take a different approach to social media interactions than previous generations. Generation Z prefers visual content more than text. Visually rich content, engaging videos and images can increase the engagement of Gen Z. Generation Z tends to communicate quickly and with short messages. Instead of long and detailed text, they communicate more effectively with short and concise messages. Generation Z frequently uses emojis and stickers to express their feelings. They prefer such expressions to add color to their messages and to establish an emotional connection. It uses Facebook groups and communities to connect and interact with people with similar interests. Generation Z expect immediate responses and generally prefer to communicate without delay.

They tend to have a more positive interaction with people who react and interact quickly. Generation Z follows instant content and live broadcasts with interest. Facebook stories and live streams allow users to interact in real time. It has a sharing nature and likes to share its experiences with its circles. They tend to share various activities, trips and daily lives in their interactions. Generation Z tends to show sensitivity to social responsibility and social issues. They can interact by sharing content that draws attention to social issues on Facebook. Generation Z closely follows social media trends and can increase engagement by sharing popular content.

Facebook's Social Responsibility Initiatives

Facebook carries out various initiatives and projects in the field of social responsibility. The company has recognized that it has the potential to have a positive impact on society due to its global impact and user base. Facebook has created Social Assistance Tools to provide quick help in natural disasters or emergencies. Users can report that they are safe and request the help they need during the crisis. It helps to disseminate accurate and reliable health information by collaborating with other health institutions, especially in difficult times such as pandemics. It regularly emphasizes verified information and resources to combat misinformation and rumors.

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