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Why is Facebook Account Closed?

Facebook accounts can be closed for various reasons. If you do not comply with Facebook's terms and rules of use, your account may be closed. Creating a fake account with untrue information or creating an account with another person's identity. Sharing or using copyrighted material without permission. Posting or posting violent or offensive content. Posting spammy content, posting fake campaigns or fraudulent content. Insulting, threatening or harassing other users. Sharing or distributing children's rights content without permission. Posting sexual content, extremely violent or illegal content. Abusing Facebook, attacking or harassing other users. Going against Facebook's terms of use or community standards. If your account has been suspended or you suspect it has been closed, you can visit Facebook's support pages for more information or to find out why your account has been disabled.

Can I Transfer My Facebook Account to Someone Else?

It is possible to transfer your Facebook account to someone else. However, this process may contain some restrictions and steps. Here are the steps you need to follow to transfer your Facebook account to someone else. Log in to your Facebook account and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu by clicking the arrow icon in the upper right corner. Click on the "General" tab in the menu on the left. You can download the information of your account by clicking on the "Download Account Information" option. This step is a precautionary measure to transfer your account. Contact the person you want to transfer your account to and request an "Account Delegation" from them. This person must obtain your consent to access your account. The person you want to transfer your account to must respond to your request by going to Settings > Account Ownership and Control > Delegate Account from their Facebook account. 

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