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Why Should I Use Twitter?

Twitter, which has increased the number of users since its launch, is one of the most influential social media platforms. There are many valid reasons to use Twitter. This social network, which allows many people to express their feelings and thoughts in writing, is also considered the most powerful social weapon around the world.

Twitter users can share their thoughts in many categories such as daily life, current issues, agenda, economy and politics. Especially if there is a social event like suicide or outrage, people on Twitter talks and tweets about this event, and therefore people can easily clarion their voices to large audiences.

Twitter, which allows countless people to have a pleasant time, is also one of the social media platforms where the funniest posts are made. When examined other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it can be clearly seen that there are also Twitter sections and tweets.

Is it Easy to Use Twitter?

One of the easiest social networks to use is Twitter. Because all you have to do on this platform is to write your thoughts in the text bar on the main page. In addition, you can enter the TT panel to take a look at the current issues and express your opinion. It is also possible to use images of your thoughts. In addition, all of these features can be accessed from the main screen.

Therefore, even those who are not very familiar with technology can easily use the Twitter application. If you do not want to use Twitter on mobile devices, you can also log in to your Twitter account from your computer. Despite of the fact that Twitter mobile interface is slightly different from the website, it can be used in the same way.

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