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Why Should I Use Facebook Ads instead of TV Ads?

Social media platforms have become an indispensable part of our daily life. Social media platforms, where both individual and corporate companies are increasing day by day, have also become important for business. Because many companies create advertisements through Facebook Business Manager and can easily reach their target audience.

Individuals who are considering advertising on social media are researching Facebook ads and TV ads at this point and are considering which advertising mode should be preferred. It should be known that the number of people watching television has decreased considerably today. Considering that the mass shopping online is the young population, it is seen that television advertisements are not effective at all, since young people do not watch TV at all. When all this information is taken into account, it is recommended to prefer Facebook ads instead of television ads.

Differences between TV Ads and Facebook Ads

There are huge differences between TV ads and Facebook ads. To give an example, TV commercials are quite expensive and are seen by people watching television at the moment. However, Facebook ads are completely appealing to the audience and are shown to users in the desired place, time and age range. In this way, an effective advertising work can be done without the need to pay high amounts.

Another difference between TV and Facebook ads is that Facebook ads can be placed through Facebook Business Manager. In this way, each operator can share their own advertisement in the model they determine. However, TV commercials are made suitable to work with agencies and to be shared on TV. When these differences are examined, it is seen that social media advertisements given over Facebook Business Manager are much more effective. If you want to keep up with your period and do advertising work, you can turn to Facebook ads.

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