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Why is Facebook Still Popular?

Although Facebook was founded in 2004, it is still used by a wide audience today. As such, many people seek an answer to the "why is Facebook still popular" question and wonder what distinguishes the Facebook application from other social media networks. Facebook, one of the oldest socialization applications, has gone through countless changes until today and has always managed to remain new. For this reason, the number of users of Facebook is always increasing instead of decreasing.

There are different reasons why Facebook is popular. One of them is that Facebook is ideal for businesses. Facebook, which has developed by incorporating the Instagram platform, provides easy advertising and sales through Business Manager. In addition, most features seen on Instagram, such as story, can also be used on Facebook. Having all these features on the home page also ensures that Facebook is easy to use and that people from all walks of life can create an account in this application.

Why Facebook is Important in our Life?

There are multiple factors that affect Facebook's popularity and importance. The fact that Facebook is one of the first social media platforms helps to increase the interest in this platform. In addition, Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, states that everyone's identity on the internet is their Facebook account.

If you are wondering the answer to the question "why Facebook is still popular", you should know that one of the platforms with the highest number of users is Facebook. For this reason, the Facebook site is also checked when searching for people on the Internet. Because almost every individual has an account on this platform. You can use Facebook application for both individual and corporate purposes and at this point you can advertise, socialize or sell via this app.

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