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WhatsApp Group Features

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application that offers various group features to its users. WhatsApp groups allow you to communicate with friends, family or colleagues more easily and quickly. WhatsApp users can create groups via the new group option. When creating a group, you can select the people you want and invite them to the group. When creating a group, you can assign a name and profile picture to the group. In this way, group members can more easily understand what topic or purpose they are meeting for. When you create a group, you can instant messaging between all members. Messages shared within the group can be viewed and replied to by all members. Group creators can edit the group's name, profile picture, and participants, invite new members, and manage requests to leave the group.

In WhatsApp groups, you can create private group invitation links and share these links with other people so that they can easily join the group. The person who creates the group also becomes the group admin and has group management. Admins have special privileges such as managing other members, deleting messages, assigning new admins and removing members from the group. Group admins can send notification messages about group status or changes made in the group to notify members of the group. You can add tags to your groups, and with these tags you can more easily access and organize the content in your groups.

WhatsApp Voicemail Feature

WhatsApp offers a voicemail feature that allows users to send voice messages instead of text. This feature makes the instant messaging experience more effective and faster and allows users to communicate by voice rather than typing. WhatsApp voicemail feature allows users to quickly record and send a message and receive voice messages from the other party.

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