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What is the use of Facebook Ads?

Facebook is among the most popular socializing apps of all time. Although many different social media applications have been developed after Facebook, this application is still quite popular, especially thanks to its advertising options. Today, many companies create pages on Facebook for promotion and advertising processes.

Businesses get help from Facebook ads both to sell their services and products online and to increase their popularity through ads. Facebook ads also can be filtered. In this way, place, time, person, audience, budget can be determined and advertisements can be created for the benefit of companies.

Where are Facebook Ads Published?

Facebook ads are published on Facebook and Facebook-affiliated platforms. Examples of these platforms are Facebook Messenger, Facebook Lite and Instagram. Since Facebook bought Instagram a long time ago, your Facebook ads can also run on Instagram.

The platforms on which Facebook ads will be published depend entirely on the advertiser. Because if the advertiser wishes, he/she can share their ads only on Facebook or in all applications connected to Facebook. When all these issues are taken into consideration, it is seen that Facebook Ads are an ideal option for making promotions for the audience.

How Much Do You Have to Pay to Advertise on Facebook?

One of the most popular aspects of Facebook ads is that the advertising budget is fully customizable. This means that you can place your ads for 10 or 1000 dollars. Advertising budgets on Facebook are planned daily. If you want to advertise, you need to set a daily advertising budget. For example, if you allocate a budget of $30 for 1 day, your ads will be shown to your target audience by spending a maximum of $210 throughout the week. In this way, you can increase the recognition level of your company without paying a fortune.

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