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Voice Message on WhatsApp

Sending a voice message on WhatsApp is a very simple and useful feature. Log in to the WhatsApp application and open the chat screen with a person or group you want to send a voice message to. To the right of the texting area, notice the microphone icon. This icon is used to record a voice message. Record the voice message by pressing and holding the microphone icon. As long as you keep the button pressed, the voice message will continue to be recorded. When you stop recording the message, the voicemail is sent automatically. If you want to delete the message before it is sent, you can swipe right from the top of the recorded voice message. Tap on the message to listen to the voice messages. The message plays automatically.

If a headset is plugged in, you can double-click on the message to listen to the voice message. You can do the same for sending voice messages in group chats. Record and send the voice message by pressing and holding the microphone icon in the group chat. Voice messages are a great way to quickly and effectively share your feelings and thoughts. WhatsApp has set audio messages to automatically play with the speaker when opened, but if you use headphones, you can listen to the messages with headphones. Also, when sending voice messages, be sure to speak the recorded messages clearly and intelligibly to your audience.

WhatsApp Bulk Messages

To send bulk messages on WhatsApp, it is the process of sending messages to several people or groups at once. WhatsApp offers an easy process that allows sending bulk messages. Select the recipients you want to send the bulk message to. If you want, you can manually select contacts or send a mass message to a group. After selecting the recipients, enter the chat screen. Tap the message writing field and write your message.

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