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Visual Content Display on Twitter

Displaying visual content on Twitter goes beyond text-based tweets to help more effectively present shared images and media files. When composing a tweet to share visual content on Twitter, you can select an image file from your computer or device by clicking the photo icon below the text box. You can also take a snapshot or upload an existing photo directly using the camera or gallery options. Twitter also supports short videos and GIFs that are limited to seconds. You can use the same photo icon to upload such media files. Along with the visual content, you can add "alt text", which is a text description that you want to add to your tweet. This is important for visually impaired users because the alt text you add tells the content of the images. Twitter allows adding captions for visual content. Headlines provide additional information about the content of the image. Visual content can help your tweet gain more attention. People tend to pay more attention to visual content.

Which Accounts to Follow on Twitter

There are two main methods you can use to follow others on Twitter. Login to your Twitter homepage. Type the name or username of the person or account you want to follow in the search bar in the upper right corner. After you find the relevant account in the search results, you will see the "Follow" button next to it. When you click this button, you will start following this account. Accounts you follow will be displayed on your profile under the "Follow You" tab. Twitter can show you suggested accounts based on your interests. "Who Should You Follow?" on your home page. or in the "Discover" section, you can see the suggested accounts. Here you can follow the accounts you want. Accounts you follow appear in your tweets, updates, and posts shared on your Twitter homepage. You can also use the "Home" tab to view and interact with the tweets of these accounts.

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