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Making a Separate Folder for Instagram Saves

Unfortunately, the Instagram app does not have the ability to separate directly saved posts and stories into separate folders. All posts and stories saved on Instagram are collected in a single folder called "Saved". However, if you want to categorize and organize certain posts or stories, you can do so manually. There are several ways to do this. By adding tags or hashtags to posts and stories you save, you can indicate that they belong to a particular topic or category. In this way, you can search for certain tags or hashtags to see the content in that category. You can divide the posts you save into folders according to their own categories by downloading them to your phone's gallery or another file management application.

Thus, you can arrange the contents as you wish. Some third-party apps can help you manage and categorize content saved on Instagram. You can find and use these applications by searching the application stores. However, please note that Instagram does not send any notifications about the content shared by the users whose content you have saved. Therefore, your saved posts and stories remain private. Before downloading and storing content elsewhere, be sure to obtain permission from the content owner and respect their copyright.

Restriction on Instagram

The "Restrict" feature on Instagram is a feature that allows users to control communication by limiting certain accounts. The Restrict feature allows users to hide comments and messages made by other accounts and restrict their interaction with the content of the accounts they have restricted. When you restrict a user, their comments on your posts will not be visible in your posts and stories. At the same time, the comments of the user you restricted will be hidden for other users. When a restricted user messages you directly, your messages will appear in the "Other" folder. That way, the messages from the person you restricted don't come directly to your main inbox and they can't contact you directly.

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