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Interactive Content on YouTube

YouTube offers a variety of interactive features that allow creators to interact with their viewers. By adding polls to their videos, creators can learn the opinions and preferences of their viewers. Polls allow viewers to participate in shaping the content of videos or future content. It is possible to add cards to videos on YouTube. These cards can direct viewers to other videos, provide links to websites or encourage participation in fundraisers. Creators can add interactive links to screens (end screens) at the end of their videos. With these links, viewers can be directed to other videos, subscribe to the channel or visit their website. Creators can interact with their viewers through comments and answer questions. YouTube allows creators to stream live. During live broadcasts, viewers can interact with comments and the Super Chat feature.

Content Protection on YouTube

YouTube offers various content protection measures to protect the rights of content creators and content providers. YouTube allows content owners to watch their content and send notifications for copyright infringement. In this way, content owners can apply to YouTube and request the removal of the content in cases where their rights are violated. YouTube has a system called Content ID. This system provides content owners with the ability to recognize and watch their content among uploaded videos. Thus, copyright violations can be detected and appropriate action can be taken. Creators can make their videos private or private, allowing only certain viewers to watch them.

YouTube has created Community Guidelines to ensure that creators and viewers follow certain rules. These rules aim to prevent unwanted content and behavior. YouTube allows viewers to report inappropriate content or copyright infringement. In line with these reports, the content is examined and appropriate measures are taken when necessary. YouTube aims to make the platform sustainable and reliable by ensuring that creators post their content in a safe and secure way and viewers engage with appropriate content.

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