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Instagram Recently Deleted

Instagram does not offer an official "Recently Deleted" feature to help users recover messages or content that has been subsequently deleted from their account or chat. Although Instagram does not offer the ability to restore deleted posts or stories, you can archive them. Archived posts and stories are stored in the "Archives" section of your profile and can be retrieved at any time. If you have connected your Instagram account via email and forwarded notifications from Instagram to your email address, you may receive some deleted content via email. However, this only applies to notifications from Instagram and may not cover all content. Backup services like WhatsApp on your phone or device can help you recover deleted messages and media files. However, this only applies to platforms where these services are used and does not offer a dedicated restore function for Instagram.

Reals on Instagram App

"Reels" is a feature in the Instagram app that lets you create and share short-lived video content. Instagram Reels is a platform similar to TikTok and offers users the opportunity to create 15-second videos. Here are the steps to use Instagram Reels: Open the Instagram app on your smartphone and login to your account. Select the "Reels" icon among the icons located at the bottom of your main feed screen. This icon represents the video creation feature. In the "Reels" section, you can access various options below: You can choose a song or add one of the popular music. You can adjust the speed of the video and add different effects. You can edit your video using timings and a timer. You can use these options to fast forward or rewind your video. Tap the "Record" button to create your video and start shooting your video. Instagram Reels has a video limit of 15 seconds. After shooting your video, you can add effects, add text, and make edits. 

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