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Instagram – How You Can Share 30 Seconds Reels On Your Story!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, which has become millions of people's source of joy. Such a social media handle provides the people or its user with many different features and options. The primary motive of Instagram is to give the users the best online platform experience. 


Through such online sources like bulk smm, people can have the fun of posting pictures; they can also make some reels, boomerangs, and many more. In addition, it is the only source through which people can have the fun of various things at a single time. Likewise, Instagram allows everyone to communicate with their friends and family by texting, video calling, etc. 


It also provides the user facility to shoot the videos of their content; the videos users shoot on Instagram are known as reels. Some people think that How to share 30-sec reels on an Instagram story? But this is the most straightforward thing to do; the users just have to select some options and features for posting their reels on the story. So for sharing the 30 seconds reels on the story, things you should consider are listed below: -


Instagram media saver: -

We know that Bulkmedya helps Instagram users in many different ways. As it is the company that helps the users gets the likes, and so on. Because of such a renowned company, it becomes efficient for the Insta users to gain a good amount of likes. However, it is the most reliable and genuine company which supports the users of Instagram.


But for posting the 30 seconds story, first, you need to download the Instagram media saver. Next, install such an app on your phone, and after that, tap on the Add Shortcut button. Downloading the media saver can help Instagram users in many different ways. Likewise, from such an application, the users can easily save their Insta stories, pictures, videos, and so on directly to their phones. 


Go to the Reels: -

Once you install the Instagram media saver to your phone for downloading the pictures, videos, etc. After that, you have to visit the reels which you want to download for posting to the stories. However, people most asked query, How to share 30-sec reels on an Instagram story, is now solved.


On the contrary, after going to the reels, the users have to open that specific reel they want to post on their story. In addition, to find the reels posted by you, directly visit your profile and go to the reel tab.  Thus finding the reel is the second step in uploading the longer reel to the Instagram story.  


Ellipsis button: -

If you want to post your 30-seconds reels on the Instagram story, you have to follow the steps. The first step is installing the Instagram media saver; after that, go to the reels you want to post. Thus the third step the users have to take for uploading the reels on the Instagram story is clicking on the ellipsis button.


The ellipsis button is the 3-dot icon on the right side and at the bottom of the reel. By clicking on such a button, you can see various options. Likewise, the sharing option, remix the reels, save, report, etc. But for posting the reels into the story, you have to choose the share option. 


Tap' share to': -

We know that only 15 seconds reels can be posted on the Instagram story, but a person has to take some steps to post a long-duration reel. Likewise, downloading the media saver, finding the reels, and last but not least, the ellipsis button. After these three steps, the users of Instagram have to tap on the share to option. 


Clicking the sharing option will help you, or we can say the users in moving forward to posting the video on the story. After tapping on the share option, the users have to select the Instagram media saver from the share sheet. Doing such will help you download the reels you want to post. Once finishing the first four steps, click on the ok button when you see the shortcuts like to access shortcuts.


Grant permissions: -

For posting the reel of 30 seconds, the Instagram users have to follow various steps that will help them post the video on the story. Similarly, to make the posting easier and straightforward, grant all the permission required for uploading the videos or reels. The Instagram media saver only requires the permissions necessary for posting the videos on the story.


It doesn't affect the privacy, or we can say the safety of Instagram users. Likewise, it provides the people with three options: allow once, always allow, or don't allow. It's all up to the users which they would like to choose. But for uploading the long-duration reel on the story, the users have to grant the required permissions to the application. 


Open the Instagram app: -

Once completing the further steps like installing media saver, clicking on the various buttons, sharing the videos for downloading, and granting the necessary permission, you have to open the app. Thus after these steps, the users or people have to open the Instagram app; the reason behind opening the app after these steps is to post the story. 


Once you open the Instagram app, add a new story. On the create page, where the app provides various options for uploading a story, select the downloaded reel. However, the reel you download, or we can say which is more than 15seconds, can automatically segment into two clips. 


Thus, in the end, by following the steps efficiently and in a proper manner, the users have to tap on the next options, and after that, click on the Share button to post the story. So this is how a person can easily upload a reel of 30 seconds on an Instagram story. However posting a long duration story isn’t a complex thing to do.



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