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I'm a New TikTok User, I Can't Open Live Stream

If you are a new user for a certain period of time to live stream on TikTok, you may not be able to use this feature. TikTok may limit the live streaming feature to new accounts or wait for you to reach a certain number of followers. To further activate your TikTok account and broadcast live, you can follow the steps below: Share regular and interesting content to get more followers in the TikTok community. Make sure your content is creative, entertaining and interesting. Engage with your audience and encourage them to follow. You must have at least 1000 followers to open a live stream. If you are new to the Tiktok app, you can read the advice I gave you.

Like, comment and follow other users' videos on TikTok. Participate in community events and trends. Engaging in this way can get your account noticed and increase your follower count. Produce engaging and diverse content. You can create content about music, dance, comedy, knowledge sharing or any subject. Check your TikTok account settings regularly. Check for any restrictions on privacy settings or account restrictions. When your TikTok account is new, there may be restrictions or restrictions on accessing certain features. As you gain more followers and activate your account, you may have access to the live streaming feature.

How Do I Withdraw My TikTok Money?

You need to get approval by applying to the Creator Fund. This program may require certain conditions and follower count requirements. You can find the "Payment account" option in the settings section of your TikTok account. In this section, you need to define the payment methods such as the bank account to be paid or PayPal. A certain minimum payment amount is usually set in order to withdraw from the TikTok Creator Fund. Once you exceed this threshold, you can request payments. When you reach the minimum payment threshold, you can request payment from the "Payment account" section of your TikTok account settings. TikTok usually processes payment requests on specific dates.

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