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How to View Profile in Threads Application?

Viewing a profile in the Threads app is pretty straightforward. Open the Threads app on your device and log in to your Instagram account. After opening the Threads app, you should see the home screen. This screen contains your friends' stories and messages. Find and click the name or profile picture of the user whose profile you want to view. This will open the person's profile. When you see the user's profile page, it usually contains the user's name, profile picture, and the stories they shared. The person's "Close Friends" list can also be found on this page. You can scroll down the page to see the user's stories and posts. When you click on the stories and posts, you can view the details of the content and the comments. Below the user's profile picture, you can view information about them and the information they shared on their Instagram stories. This information usually includes details about the person's Instagram account.

When we delete the Threads application, does it reopen where it left off?

When you delete the Threads app or uninstall it from your device, when you download the app again, some Threads related information and settings are usually lost. However, access to your Instagram account remains and certain data is restored. Threads app is linked to your Instagram account. When you delete or remove Threads, you can still access your Instagram account. The Threads app makes it easy for you to interact with your friends and followers on your Instagram account. Reinstalling Threads can restore the list of people you follow and unfollowed you, as well as interaction history. Some Threads app settings may be lost when you uninstall or delete the app. However, you may often find that some of your settings will be restored when you log in or access your Instagram account again. 

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