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How To Turn Off Video Calls For Strangers On Instagram

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Reasons Why You Should Turn Off Video Calls On Instagram

Video calling is considered a convenient feature on Instagram. People who follow you on Instagram can video call you. So a Twitter campaign was organized using the hashtag “ban insta video calling for strangers.”

Some women have raised the issue that they received so many random video calls from unknown men. It can be very annoying getting unnecessary video calls from a stranger. So here are the reasons to turn off video calls on Instagram.

For Privacy Reasons

Some people love to be private and don't want any interruption from an unknown account. However, peace at privacy is disturbed when they receive unnecessary video calls. That is why they prefer to disable the video call option. However, there is a benefit to having a private account on Instagram. You will not receive video calls from an unknown account. Only people they follow back will be able to make a video call.

To Save Mobile Internet Data

Video calls on Instagram are high quality and take lots of your internet data. Suppose you don't have an unlimited internet plan and want to save some money. Then, you can disable video calls on your Instagram account.

Step By Step Guidance To Disable Video Call On Instagram

Due to some privacy reasons, people often choose to turn off the video call option. If you have a busy life, it can be very irritating to receive a video call from unknown accounts on Instagram. There are so many bot accounts that can hack your account.

So it is better to ban video calls from third-party interference. Once your Instagram account is hacked, it isn't easy to regain followers and likes. But you don't have to worry. You can contact smm panel to purchase and get an organic audience and likes on the post.


First, you have to open an Instagram account, go to your Instagram profile, and click on the top right three lines icon.

Step 2

Tapping on the three lines icon, you need to go to the setting option.

Step 3

After that, go to the notification option where you find the option like message request on/off, direct message on/off, and groups rooms on/off buttons. Along with them, you will find a video calling option.

Step 4

You will find their option named Video chats, and you will see three options to choose from.

First, turn it off, second from people I follow, and another from everyone. This option will help you to disable the video calling option.   

Not everyone is a fan of video calls on Instagram. Everyone has their own life, and no one wants to attend video calls from strangers. It can be annoying if you are a woman and receive unnecessary video calls from unknown men. You can protect your privacy by disabling the video call option for anonymous accounts.  

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