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How to Take Correct Photographs on Instagram?

Light greatly affects the quality of the photo. If natural light is preferred, softer and more natural-looking photos are usually obtained. The composition of your photos is important. Dividing the image into three using the rule of thirds can help you achieve more dynamic and interesting results than shooting from the center. Choosing a clean and uncluttered background can make your photos stand out. Complex or messy backgrounds can make your main subject disappear. You can get extraordinary and impressive photos by shooting from different angles. Shots close to the ground or from above can present the subject in a different way. Paying attention to color harmony and balancing color tones can make your photos more aesthetic. It is also important to adjust the contrast. Make sure the main object is sharp. A blurry or out-of-focus image can cause undesirable results. By using empty spaces, you can let the photo breathe. Leaving space around the main object instead of compressing it can draw attention to the object. Playing from different angles and with different approaches can reveal your creativity. Try to create your own style without neglecting the classical composition rules.

Nature and Adventure Videos on Instagram App

Sharing nature and adventure videos on Instagram is a great opportunity to impress your followers and reach a wide audience. Edit your videos in a narrative way. You can make your content more engaging by giving viewers a story to tell. It's important that nature and adventure videos are visually stunning. Take shots to highlight natural landscapes, eye-catching details, and colors. By shooting from different angles, you can present events to the audience from different perspectives. You can shoot from high and low angles using a drone or camera stabilization equipment. Moving shots can immerse viewers in the moment. Showing your activities such as hiking, mountaineering, cycling fluently can attract the attention of the audience. 

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