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How To Share Tiktok Videos On Instagram Story? All You Need To Know

Tiktok has gain massive popularity among the entire social media platforms. Most of teenagers and younkers use tiktok most and they find it interesting and entertaining. Along with getting famous they can be a business mode. As tiktok so many offers for its users, and they can earn money through ads and also receive some rewards and gifts. You can also add your instagram account on tiktok.

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A Guidance To Repost Tiktok Videos On Instagram Story

Tiktok is a china app but is popular worldwide. Maximum user of instagram is from US. People love to create videos for fun. The app has so many creative features for users. There are some tool which is used by tiktok to sponsor a brand. You have massive followers then so many brands will contact you for doing ads on your account and they will pay for it.


Open tiktok app and open the video you want to repost. Tap on share icon on the right side of bottom.

Step 2

When you tap on share button you will see many options. Among them choose copy link. Now a link has been copied to your clipboard of the video you want to repost on instagram.

Step 3

Now you have to download the video from any website using this copied link. Go to any tiktok video download website and paste the link there.

Step 4

After downloading your video, open instagram tap on camera symbol and then post the video on your IG story.

Why People Repost TikTok Videos On Instagram?

TikTok and Instagram both have emerged as major player among all social media platform. While TikTok is more focused towards sharing short videos, Instagram has just entered this world of 30-seconds video sharing thorough "Reels" feature. Instagram is a place where users like to interact with other users. If you are posting a video on your story, there are chances that people will comment on your video as well.

However, through sharing feature of TikTok, you can now share your creativity of TikTok on Instagram stories. If you are wondering about how sharing TikTok videos on Instagram can help you, then here's a complete breakdown for you:

Get More Views On Your Videos

In TikTok, you can view the number of views on each video. It is not just a metric of how popular your video is but also provides a motivation to post more videos as more people are viewing it. If you are finding it hard to get more views on your TikTok videos, then you can now get more views by sharing it on Instagram. Your story will direct viewer from Instagram to your TikTok and this will increase the view count on your videos.

Share Mutual Following Base

Reposting TikTok videos on Instagram can prove to be beneficial in terms of followers as well. Instagram has the best way to get followers which is by liking your photos. When you repost TikTok videos on Instagram, new people will be following you that are watching your video. The total number of followers on your TikTok account matters the most because it helps in performing on TikTok's algorithm and make better image to attract brands for endorsement. 

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