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How to Become Popular on Twitter?

You can apply the following strategies to gain popularity on Twitter. Create original, engaging and shareable tweets. Follow current and interesting topics, share your views and inform your followers. Interact with your followers regularly. Add comments to tweets, ask questions, and retweet or like other users' content. Use relevant tags to describe your content and reach a wider audience. But avoid overuse, otherwise you may look spammy. Follow current trends and popular topics. Produce content that fits these trends and participate in conversations. Visual content can make your tweets more attractive. You can increase engagement using photos, videos, and GIFs. Add a brief description of yourself on your Twitter profile. Keep your profile photo and cover photo attractive and professional. Tweet regularly and target when your audience is online. Try to understand the interests and demographics of your followers. Adjust your content strategy accordingly. Collaborate with other Twitter users you are interested in or share the same topics.

Password Change on Twitter

You can follow the steps below to change your password on Twitter. Log in to your Twitter account using your browser or by opening the Twitter mobile app. Click on your profile photo in the upper right corner to display the drop-down menu. Click on "Settings and privacy" in the drop-down menu. Select the "Account" tab from the left-hand menu, find the "Password" section and click "Change Password" or similar. You will be prompted to enter your current Twitter password to change your password. Enter your current password and continue. Enter your new password. I recommend using a strong password. Your password must contain uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. Confirm your new password by re-entering it. Save your password change by clicking the "Change Password" or similar button. Once the password change is complete, you may need to log out and log back in with your new password. 

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