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How Can You Make A Facebook Event Or Replicate One?

Facebook events allow you to plan and attend a gathering in the real world with your friends. Events can be created for almost any topic online or in person. The events can be private, with just your people around. You can invite-only a few people to your private events. The events can be created publicly where anybody on Facebook can see them. Let's see how you can create a Facebook event or duplicate one

Make a Facebook event that is only open to your friends

It is very simple to plan a private event on Facebook but getting all the details perfect is crucial for the plan to get successful. 

You will see a News Feed option on the left side of the menu. If the choice does not appear here, you should click on the See more option.

You will then be sent to the page listing the most popular events in the area. You can add your event. Click on the new event option present there. 

After creating the event, you can then be able to hold your event either online or in person. You can use the Messenger rooms to video call your friends if you are present online. Some external links can also be used, like Microsoft Zoom and Teams. You will also have to decide whether the event you have created is a general meeting or a class. If the event is a class, you must select the timings and the series of sessions. If that particular event is going to be held in person, you will need to provide a location or reserve a venue for it. 

After all these options are done, you will see four privacy settings on the event details page. The three settings out of four will be able to keep the event private. Once you have chosen the event's privacy, it cannot be changed after that. As a result, be assured that you pick the proper one for your event. Sometimes people ask, why can't I duplicate a Facebook event? All these factors contribute to the same. 

What are the privacy options?

Here is how each of the privacy choices works:

Private setting

In this setting, the event will only be shown to those persons to whom you are invited in the event. You can even specify if you need your guests to invite further friends or not. Everything about the event, like the event description, videos, and images, is visible to those who have been invited to join the event.


In this setting, your Facebook friends will only be able to see the event. However, all the things related to the event, such as the event description, posts, and images, will be available to Facebook friends. 


The images, videos, and event descriptions are only visible to members of a specified group. There are two groups. One is the private one, and the other one is a public group. In a public group, anyone who is on Facebook or not can see the event. While in a private group, only the members will be able to see the event. 

The settings of your event depend on how much privacy you want for the events. You will be able to show the lists of guests been invited to the event if the privacy is for friends only. You can even have a co-host also. Only co-hosts are permitted if the event is for a specified group. The things that are left are to add the event's description, title, images, videos, and the location of the event. 

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What is the process of creating a public event on Facebook?

The steps are the same while creating a public event. You have to select events from the news feed options and click on the option to create a new event. Choose if you want to hold the event online or in person. Click on the privacy menu in the event details section and then click on the public. You can create a public event on Facebook in this way. Any person on Facebook can see the event. You will have to add the details like event descriptions, posts, and videos about the event. Make your event looks the best by adding unique and good titles. 

How can you duplicate a Facebook event?

If you want to rerun the even after it has been created, then you can even make the same copy. People wondering why can't I duplicate a Facebook event should pay more attention to these details. After clicking at best smm panel event, you have to select the duplicate event from the three dots to present out there under the edit option.

You can also change the settings if require necessary modifications, such as converting a private event into a public. Also, make sure that you update the new timings and location of the event. After you have filled in all of the information, you have to click next and then create the event. 

Editing a Facebook event

You might need to make changes in the event listing because of the changes in the situation. Suppose you want to make changes to the event, then you go to the business page or on the personal profile of the person hosting the event.

Click on the option events present on the left side. There will appear Facebook events manager on your screen. You will be able to see the calendar of all the upcoming tasks you have listed. You can click on the menu to edit or duplicate the event.

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