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How to Make Money on Spotify?

Spotify is the most preferred application for listening to music nowadays. Spotify, which has countless songs and podcasts, gives its premium members the right to listen to music without interruption. In addition to all these advantages, it is also possible to earn money on Spotify. For this reason, many people are doing research on the topic of "how to make money on Spotify".

When Spotify principles are examined, anybody can see that only artists can earn money on this platform. So, if you're not an artist, Spotify won't pay you. But even if you're not an artist on Spotify, there is a way to make money. If you want to make money on Spotify without being an artist, you must be a known person on this platform and the playlists you create should be followed by many people.

People whose playlists are popular and therefore known in the Spotify app can get offers from artists. People who release new songs and want their songs to be very popular in a short time reach the people who create the playlist and pay on the condition that they add their songs to the playlist.

How Much Money Do Singers Make From Spotify?

Today, countless artists make money by having their music published on Spotify. At this point, the income of the artists on this platform is also curious. Although it is difficult for a singer to be on a big platform like Spotify, once artists start listening on this channel, they can earn money per stream.

Artistry, which is the most frequently asked answer to the question of how to make money on Spotify, regularly brings money to both Spotify and the artist. The cost per 1 listening is $0.005. This means that the amount to be received for 500.000 listening results is 2000 Dollars.

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