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How to Create a Discord Server?

With the effect of the pandemic, people needed to communicate with their teammates with applications such as discord server. Because during the pandemic, everyone has started working from home. This process has led to an increase in the use of applications such as discord. But many people who are unfamiliar with such applications do not know how to use these applications. And now we will tell you something unknown about discord. We will tell you how to set up a discord server. We think that you will understand this subject very well, as we will explain it step by step. If you are ready, let us start.

Step by Step Discord Server

Now we will tell you how to set up a discord server step by step. First, imagine that you are entering the discord. At the top left is the list of servers. And at the bottom of this list is a plus sign. We press that plus sign. It means create server. Then a page will appear, on this page you put the name of the server and the name of the server you want. Then you can choose the center of the server region. Of course, there are some things about it. Instead of selecting the region you are in, you can select a different region.

For example, for users living in Turkey, Russia or European Central servers provide the best servers. For this reason, most of the users living in Turkey choose these regions. At the same time, your other friends can also use this server. And you can use this server to communicate with your friends. When you say Discord, there are many details such as creating a channel, creating a category, server settings. The best way to learn all of these is to use discord actively.

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