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How can I Follow Trends on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most used applications of recent times. A new trend emerges every day in this social network. That's why people love to spend time on TikTok. Those who want to follow and apply trends closely also conduct TikTok trends research.

TikTok trends cover a fairly wide spectrum. Because on this platform, there are many categories such as fashion, art, information, entertainment, competition, dance and music, and new trends can be created for each of them. If you want to follow these trends closely, what you need to do is quite simple.

Popular trends in the TikTok application are listed in the discover tab. So if you want to see the trends, you should log into the explore tab from the TikTok homepage and browse the feed. By adding posts you like by touching the heart button, you can affect the algorithm and make more videos of the same type appear in the explore tab. In this way, you can be informed about the trends early and you can participate in these trends.

Starting a New Trend on TikTok

Every day, hundreds of TikTok users start new trends. TikTok trends are generally the kind of videos that people enjoy watching. Movements such as ASMR, mukbang, dance can be given as examples. If you want to start a new trend and get people to follow you, you should produce content that has never been done before and share the video you shot with your followers using the right hashtags. In order to ensure that the video is watched more, it is recommended to choose the hours where you spend the most time in the TikTok application. Thus, the content you produce will be seen by more people and your TikTok trend will be tried.

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