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Has My Telegram App Been Hacked?

To understand that your Telegram account has been hacked or unauthorized access, you can pay attention to the following symptoms. When you try to log in to your Telegram account, if you see that your password or other login information has changed, there may have been unauthorized access to your account. Telegram will send you notifications when your account is logged in on a device. If you're getting notifications that you've been signed in to a device you don't recognize, this may indicate unauthorized access to your account. When there is unauthorized access to your account, suspicious messages or activities may have been sent through your account. For example, if you are sending messages other than yourself or changing your profile photo, this could be a sign. Telegram may send you email notifications when your account is logged in from a new device. By checking these notifications, you can detect that you are logged in from a device you do not know. When there is unauthorized access to your account, your profile information or contact information may be changed.

Are Telegram Messages Encrypted?

Telegram messages are encrypted. Telegram uses end-to-end encryption to protect users' privacy. This means that your messages are only accessible to you and the recipient. Messages are encrypted between the devices you're communicating with and can only be decrypted on those devices. Telegram servers do not have the necessary encryption keys to access the message contents. This is a strong security measure Telegram uses to protect the security and privacy of your messages. However, end-to-end encryption can only be used in a special type of communication called "Private Chats". Other types of communications, such as group chats and channels, use "Storage Encryption", which is a more general encryption method. This helps keep users' communication content secure, but is not as secure as end-to-end encryption. This privacy-oriented approach of Telegram causes many users to prefer the application. 

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