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Feature Of Instagram Reels And How Can You Pause Videos On Instagram

Instagram has been the most trending social media platform for the past few years. There are billions of users worldwide who use Instagram for entertainment. All the Instagram users love to share their activities, like what they are doing or eating right now, and their experiences, like where have visits or traveling experience, on Instagram as posts, stories, and reels. The feature reels are trending. There are so many users on Instagram who love to create videos. Instagram provides so many exciting features for users. 

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What Are The Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are similar to tiktok videos. You can make a 15-second short video and also a 60-second long reel. You can record and edit your recorded reel. You can even make a reel using photos, and it will look really good when you share your reel on your feed and see your video on the reel's page. The viral video will be seen as a feature option. For buying likes for your Instagram post, you can consider Bulkmedya.

Features Of Instagram Reels And How Can You Use It

If you want to go viral on Instagram, you need to create reels on Instagram. In these times, videos get viral more than posts. Everyone wants to get famous on Instagram. However, there is some artist who gets viral within a short period.

Exciting Filters

You can add so many filters to your Instagram reels. You can tap on the Instagram camera from the top left to use the filters. You will see so many features at the bottom when the camera appears. You can press try once and try it while creating a video. You can tap on the red button to take a photo and hold it to shoot a video.

Impressive Sounds

There are thousands of amazing sounds available on Instagram. After shooting your reel, you will see a music symbol. Tap on the music symbol and search for the sound you want to put on your Instagram reel. By tapping on the sound, you will see an add music button from that you can easily add your favorite sound to your reel.

Slo-Mo Videos

Most Instagram users love the feature of the slo-mo video. You will see so many reels on Instagram, and out of 10, 8 reels are kind of slo-mo. When you open the Instagram camera, you will see a speed increase or decrease option symbol as 1x. Tap on 1x, and you will have two slo-mo speeds. Choose a speed suitable for you and shoot your slo-mo video.


The timer feature of the reel is very important for the person who shoots video independently. You can set the angle, speed, and filter before setting a timer. Also, don't forget to put music on it. Then set your time and place your mobile phone by tapping the red button. It will get started whenever your timer starts.  

How To Pause An Instagram Reel On Phone

 If we see a simple video on Instagram, we can pause it by just tapping on the video, or there is also a pause button to pause the video. But since Instagram introduces the new feature, a reel, you have to tap and hold onto the reel to pause it. If you release your finger from the screen, your reel continues.  

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