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Can I Permanently Delete Messages in Telegram?

You can permanently delete messages you have sent or received in Telegram. Telegram provides users with different options such as deleting messages and auto-delete by itself. To delete a message you have sent or received, press and hold the message. You will see the delete option in the menu that opens. Tap this option to delete the message. The message you delete is only deleted for you, it can still be seen by other people. To delete all the messages you sent in a chat, tap the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner of the chat screen. Select delete all messages from the drop-down menu and confirm. This action will permanently remove all sent messages from your chat. Also, Telegram has automatic message deletion for secret chats. When you start a secret chat, you can set the automatic message deletion time. At the end of this period, the messages you send are automatically deleted for both you and the other party. Messages you delete on Telegram are only deleted from your device and are not permanently deleted on the other party's device or Telegram servers.

Can the Person I Block on Telegram See My Profile?

A person you have blocked on Telegram cannot see your profile or profile information. If you have blocked someone, that person will not be able to access your profile or profile information and interact with you in any way. The person you blocked cannot send you messages, start a chat or view your profile. Nor can it see changes or updates to your profile. The person you blocked may notice the block because when they try to send your messages they will receive a notification like "Your messages could not be sent". However, the ability to interact with you is completely restricted. 

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