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Attention Parents for Kids Using TikTok

If your child uses or wants to use TikTok, it is important to note the following important points. TikTok's official age limit is usually 13 years and older. This limit has been set to ensure your child has a safe and convenient experience on the platform. Control the privacy settings and visibility of your child's account. In particular, you can make your account private so that only approved people can see their content. TikTok offers content filters and restrictions. By enabling these filters, you can ensure that your child sees appropriate content. Observe who your child interacts with and follows. This is important to prevent unwanted or harmful content. Check out the music and sounds used in TikTok videos. Evaluate whether the music and sounds are appropriate with the content.

Famous Music Spreads on TikTok App

Famous or popular music on the TikTok app goes viral often and can go viral. TikTok's unique nature is that it is a platform where short videos are shared and music plays an important role, new or old songs TikTok users can make their content more effective by adding popular or entertaining music tracks under their videos. These musics can become viral by being used by other users as well. Dance trends or challenges can be created around certain pieces of music. Users can imitate dance moves that match the same music or take on challenges. Some sounds or concepts can quickly become popular on TikTok. Users can create their own creative videos using these sounds. Famous personalities, actors and musicians can also promote their own songs or music by actively using TikTok. This can help the music spread quickly. TikTok users can make their content discoverable by adding music tags and popular hashtags to their videos. In this way, it can be ensured that certain music reaches a wider audience.

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