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Aesthetic Story Ideas for Instagram

One of the most popular features of the Instagram platform, story posts are temporary posts that stay on the main screen for 24 hours and are deleted later. These shares generally allow to share sections from daily life. This feature, which is frequently used and loved, can be made much more attractive thanks to the Instagram story design.

Every day, millions of users share stories to share their daily life with their followers. However, when most of the story sharing is examined, it is seen that most of them are ordinary and boring. If you want to give your followers a good story sharing experience, you can recreate your stories with some small additions.

By making Instagram stories much more fun, you can greatly increase your interaction with your followers. Moreover, you do not need to use any additional application or program to make an Instagram story design process. Because all the elements you can use for design are on Instagram. Gifs, emoji, music, link, quiz, countdown tool and features like that can be used for story design.

Instagram Story Design

When designing an Instagram story, you can use both the photos you took on Instagram and the photos in your gallery. After logging into the camera section of Instagram, you must select a photo and add the story features you want by swiping up the screen.

In order to achieve an aesthetic appearance, you can add filters to your photos and prefer pastel tones in your Instagram story design. To get more ideas about Instagram story design, you can easily access designs that suit your own tastes by browsing photo sharing applications such as Pinterest. In this way, you can find a sketch for yourself and apply the same designs for your own photos. 

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